Toys for pit bulls

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Toys for pit bulls

Pit bulls are big bundles of joy, but at the same time they are also intense chewers, and they love to destroy their toys while they’re playing. They have powerful jaws that require really strong toys made from resistant materials. Whether it’s a stuffed toy that pit bulls shred into pieces or a squeaky toy, watching a pit bull’s endless joy as it’s chewing and playing is the best satisfaction a dog owner can have. Getting the best toys for pit bulls age and size is very important.

Essential toys for your pit bull include active toys, distraction toys and comfort toys. Active toys such as ropes, balls, Nyla-bone, and Kong toys will keep your pet moving and busy because they can quickly be thrown, chased, and tossed. Distraction toys captivate your pit bull’s senses, and they can be the Kong-type of toys filled with treats. Comfort toys, on the other hand, are softer toys that dogs love to carry around. Such toys can be the slinky ones that have squeakers in them, and these can inspire your dog to mangle them to eradicate the noise that’s coming from inside.

There are also some types of toys that should be avoided unless you are next to your pit bull to supervise it. These include tennis balls, small foam rubber balls, toys with internal squeakers, golf balls. These can be ingested, and they can cause problems and make your pit bull sick.

November 1, 2017
November 1, 2017
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