Toys for Pigs

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Toys for pigs

The Best toys for Pigs – It is very important to provide objects for proper investigation and manipulation for you pig to keep it occupied in a non-harmful behavior. The main features of your pig’s toys should include the fact that they’re destructible, edible, nutritious and also kept dung-free. Pigs can become bored with an indestructible toy really quick, and that’s why you should provide it with destructible, chewable objects because these manage to keep your pet’s interest.

Pigs usually chew and swallow everything they find, and one of the roles of rooting is to fill your pet’s gut. Pigs with higher gut-fill will not have a high need to root. Pigs will get benefits from playing with toys that have food hidden inside that contain vitamins and fiber. It’s also vital to keep the toys clean because pigs lose interest in dung-covered objects really quick.

The most appropriate toys for pigs include paper sacks and other disposable paper or cardboard materials, balls traffic cones, vegetables, tough dog chews, cloth strips and more. You should watch out for thorns on twigs and branches and staples in paper and cards, chemicals in wooden objects and naturally poisonous woods because these can harm your pig.

November 1, 2017
November 1, 2017
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