Toys for piglets

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Toys for piglets

Piglets are brilliant animals, and they need and love all kinds of enrichment activities to keep them from becoming bored or destructive just like the high-energy dog breeds do. If you have a piglet as a pet, you have to know that it needs mental and physical stimulation to keep it from getting overweight, lazy or aggressive. It’s also essential that you make time to interact with your piglet every day. To counter those issues they made toys for piglets.

Piglets love to perform tricks for various treats, they are easily trained, and they enjoy exploring. There are lots of dog toys that you can get your piggy to entertain it. For instance, a Kong toy is an excellent choice, and you can stick peanut butter into its center and let your piglet roll it around as it licks the peanut butter off it. Other suitable toys are rope toys designed for dogs, big basketballs or anything large enough for your piglet to roll around with its snot. Other enrichment toys include treat balls, a rooting box with hidden treats, a cardboard box stuffed with shredded paper, cardboard tubes and more.

You should never give your pig toys made from pork or pork skin, and you should also avoid toys that can easily be chewed apart or swallowed. Toys that are made from foreign substances such as plastic or rubber, bones should also be avoided because if your piglet manages to chew and swallow any of these, it can stick in its intestines and result in tears that will lead to medical complications.

November 1, 2017
November 1, 2017
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