Toys for bearded dragons

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Toys for bearded dragons

Bearded dragons are exotic pets that spend most of the time in their glass tank. This is why they need a bit of exercise for both their physical and mental health. Most bearded dragons can get overweight in a terrarium due to overfeeding that’s why it’s essential to offer them toys to stimulate their physical activity. Pick the best toys for bearded dragons from our store.

Most bearded dragons enjoy playing with balls, and this is not only great exercise for them, but it can also keep them busy and prevent them from getting depressed from sitting all day long in their tank. A small ping pong ball or a tiny rubbery, bouncy ball should do the trick. Usually, bearded dragons like to take the ball and push it around or nudge it with their snouts. Find balls that are colorful to captivate their interest even more.

Other toys that bearded dragons enjoy include swings and hammocks because they love to climb or just lie on them.

Avoid letting your bearded dragon run around carpeted rooms because most carpets contain invisible strands that can get on their toes and limbs and they can cut off circulation of the blood. Let them play on concrete and hardwood floors for their safety.

November 1, 2017
November 1, 2017
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