Vox AD50VT 212 50w Amplifier: Product Review


Vox AD50VT 212 50w Amplifier: Though it may not be on the same level as guitar amplifier brands Marshall and Mesa, Vox Amplification has enjoyed legendary status in the music world. Millions of musicians have proudly used Vox amps for over 50 years, including bands like the Monkees and the Beatles. The Vox AD50VT 212 50w Amplifier has been hyped by many as being one of the top amplifiers in the sub-$400 price range, and it definitely lives up to the hype.

“Trent likes to record guitars direct, whereas I’ve always preferred playing through an amplifier”

Product Ratings for the Vox AD50VT 212 50w Amplifier: 
Features: 4/5 
Sounds: 5/5 
Price: 5/5 
Overall: 4.5/5

Features Of Vox AD50VT 212 50w Amplifier:

Main Product Features: 
In late 2017, I chose to purchase this amplifier as my main amp for my set-up. I mainly chose it for all of the features that it comes built with-especially all the sounds it can produce. Since the Vox AD50VT 212 is a modeling amplifier, it can deliver many different types of sounds with ease. I quickly discovered that I could get a great classic rock sound out of the amp by tweaking some settings, as well as a very good metal sound. It also made my Agile AL-2000 Les Paul clone sound pretty good, something previous amps I owned had failed to do.

Vox AD50VT 212 50w Amplifier


There are 11 amp models that come built-in the Vox AD50VT 212 which include UK 70’s, UK 80’s, UK modern, Numetal and U.S. High Gain. The former three are great for replicating many British bands sounds, while the latter two will give you a decent Nickelback or Disturbed sound.

In addition to these models, there are also a number of built-in effects. While I’ve found that these 11 effects won’t replace a good guitar effects pedal, they can help to diversify your sound. Some of my favorite effects are the Auto Wah, Chorus + Reverb, and Delay.

The one issue that I have with the built-in effects is that some of them are a bit on the weak side. For instance, while I do like the Auto Wah effect, it is not a strong enough “wah-wah” sound for my liking, which is why I choose to use my Vox V847 Wah pedal instead. The same can be said for the Tremolo + Reverb, which is a much weaker Trem sound than I could get out of a standard pedal.

One great feature of the Vox AD50VT 212 is its ability to store two sets of custom settings on Channels 1 and 2. If you can’t quite get the sound you want out of the preset amp models, you can choose to turn those off and instead use the gain, volume, treble, middle, and bass knobs to create your own sound. You can then program these settings into the amplifier and call them at any time by pressing the CH1 or CH2 buttons.

The Vox AD50VT is an absolute beast when it comes to size and sound. Weighing in at 50 pounds, this thing can pump out extremely loud sounds, making it ideal for small-to-medium-sized gigs. It is also built very tough. While not recommended for those who can’t lift heavy weights, it’s a good choice for the gigging or recreational musician.

Price: $300-$400 (at Musician’s Friend and Guitar Center)

For the price, you probably won’t find a better gig-worthy guitar amplifier. The Vox AD50VT 212 has a breadth of features and can deliver virtually any sound you may desire. While there are some negatives to the amp (such as the effects not always sounding realistic enough, not to mention the weight), the positives far outweigh them.


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