Product Review: TRENDnet Router Wireless N ADSL2/ADSL2+ Modem Router TEW-635BRM Ver 1.0R


The TRENDnet router Wireless N ADSL/ADSL2+ Modem Router comes as a two in one network device that connects you to the Internet through the modem and connects your local network using the wired or wireless connections.

“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”

Ease of Use, Performance: 19/25 
Look & Feel: 23/25

Features 25/25 
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 89/100

TRENDnet router has a few different modem router combination devices for setting up your network, the one that I received for review is the TEW-635BRM Ver 1.0R. While the exact version of this router on TRENDnet is now discontinued they do have a later version that is built on the same model number.

Versions of products under the same model are usually very similar and have corrections to any problems that updates in firmware could not correct. I would think that TRENDnet router has fixed any known problems and that is why this model is no longer available from their website but the next version is.

The TEW-635BRM is a full wireless b, g and n router along with the four wired 10/100 Mbps connections that are easily set up through browser configuration pages. The newer version has a simple push-button Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS setup on the front that this model does not so that is one feature they included with the newer version.

How To Use TRENDnet Router

TRENDnet Router

The TRENDnet TEW-635BRM Router Modem is a multi-function device that combines both an ADSL, ADSL2, and ADSL2+ modem as well as a four-port router with full firewall and wired/wireless routing functions. The modem works well with many DNS IP configurations using either a manual or wizard mode for setup to connect you to the Internet.

While I had a very little problem setting up my modem others on the Internet were having difficulties with various service providers due to a variety of problems. I cannot speak to what the problems were but I can imagine with the variety of Internet service setups from companies like Verizon, AT&T; and many more there are plenty of things that can go wrong.

The router worked well for setting up my network using both a regular firewall and the various wireless security protocols of WEP, WPA, and PSK as well as combinations of these. Setup for the ADSL, ADSL2 or ADSL2+ is simple with the Wizard if you have a compatible Internet provider set up but you may have to change a setting here and there.

I found asking my Internet service provider to support a few questions about settings of their system was the answer to why the Wizard would not work for me. I tried the setup wizard and it did detect my Internet provider but could not get things set up automatically, just walking through the steps of the wizard while on the phone with my ISP support got me the answers.

I just had to change a couple of settings that I found in the wizard that needed changing in order to get connected to my Internet service provider. I found others on the Internet from professional and customer reviews of the product that also had luck in figuring out their connection but others did not.

Along with other modem products, the TEW-635BRM would be a questionable product to purchase for just anyone if you don’t know something about network setup. You also have to realize that TRENDnet along with all other modem manufacturers cannot guarantee their modem will work with all Internet service providers and their systems.

This is the reason ISP’s have their own modems they use and have a shortlist of ones that are guaranteed to work with their system but you have to rent or purchase the modem directly from the ISP. I like having the option of buying my own that has the chance of working on other systems as I thought I would have been changing my provider recently due to a move.

After moving into a new home, used but new to us, I did not have to change my ISP but if I do have to change it in the future I am ready with my own modem and don’t have to rent or buy a new one, at least for a few years. Some people have had problems and the main complaints that I found at sites like Amazon and Newegg that sell the TEW-635BRM version that I received for review were just not getting things connected to the Internet.

I found a few that only had to wait in order for their providers’ system to get connected while others had to talk with support either from their provider or from TRENDnet but others could figure out things like I did. I found with the limited choice of variables and a little research I could puzzle through most of the settings and with just a couple of questions to my Internet service provider I got things working quickly for me.

TRENDnet Wireless

The wizard available from the first menu page of the common browser-based interface for the TEW-635BRM was easy to configure for me but others may find things a bit puzzling. If you are in need of a router-modem that you can call your own for whatever reason, switching ISP’s in the near future comes to mind, this is a great solution.

If you’re looking to purchase a modem instead of renting one from your Internet service provider the TRENDnet TEW-635BRM would be a great way to go to get a full modem and wireless router. This is one way to see if you can save yourself some money as well as give you the flexibility for future-proofing your network setup if you do change ISP companies.

While the router works just fine like many other routers I have received from TRENDnet router have in the past I found this was probably the most difficult one to set up personally. I did get things working but did have to do some research and talk with my ISP support staff to get things working instead of just plug things in and run through the setup steps.

TRENDnet makes some pretty good routers and I have not had any problems other than a few minor things with the modem/router or the other 3 routers I have reviewed from them. All TRENDnet router like so many other routers are easy to set up and have wizards for the harder parts for quick and easy setup.

Check out the new routers and modem combination devices at TRENDnet for a highly reliable and easy to setup solution if you’re looking for a combination router and modem.


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