The Gorilla pod: Product Review

The Gorilla pod

The Gorilla pod:

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”

The Gorillapod, a nifty portable mini tripod produced by Joby, is one of the greatest accessories for any photography enthusiasts. Named after the way it can be bent and moved to attach or wrap around poles, trees, pencils, and other objects, it is one of the handiest and easiest to use tripods on the market today.

The GorillaPod

The Gorillapod features :

The Gorillapod features a small stand at the top with a screw-in-place attacher, to which most any camera or video camera with the screw hole at the bottom (most cameras have these for tripods) can attach to.

Then, the Gorillapod has three ‘legs’ coming off of it, from this little platform on top, each of which is made out of roughly 10 small, connected ‘balls.’ These ‘ball legs’ are bendable, just like a paper clip or a piece of wire, yet they are still firm enough to support most digital cameras or video cameras.

Thus, you can attach your camera to the top, then either set the tripod on a flat surface, or wrap these little ‘gorilla’ arms around a suitable object, and it will stay in place. It’s perfect for those moments when you don’t have someone else to take your picture, and seems to be durable enough to hold even heavier video cameras up.

Several models are available for the Gorillapod, each for different size cameras. There are currently three models available, the pod Original, the pod SLR, and the pod SLR-Zoom, each designed with different sizes of cameras in mind. Check out which one is right for you, and would fit your model of the camera the best at Joby’s website,

About the Gorillapod :

I own the original and smallest one, the pod Original, measuring roughly 7 inches long, and weighing in at about 9.7 oz. It is very easy to store virtually anywhere and is great for bringing on trips, especially short day trips, where space is limited.

It retails for about $21.95, although a glance at popular online auction resellers like eBay or might provide it for a cheaper price. However, it is far cheaper than your average, large and bulky tripod, and the Gorillapod is much easier to transport.

The GorillaPod

If you are in the market for a reliable, and easy to use, and transport tripod, take a look into buying a Gorillapod. I am very, very happy with my Gorillapod Original, and would heartily recommend it to others!


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