Product Review for the Audio phase 512MB MP3 Player

the Audiophase 512MB MP3 Player

Product Review for the Audio phase 512MB MP3 Player

The Audio phase 512MB MP3 player is an inexpensive portable music device that can provide hours of entertainment without the need to change or recharge the battery. As an outdoor person, I have the opportunity to use my device almost daily, and the longer I own it the more I like it.

“Music drives you. It wakes you up, it getsyou pumping. And, at the end of the day, the correct tune will chill you down.”

Purchased for less than $50.00 this device provides music, data storage, and a voice recording feature, all of which are housed in a small plastic case that isn’t much longer than your finger. Holding close to 100 songs in WMA format, and many more songs in MP3 format, the unit is compact enough to carry in a pants pocket without any discomfort, but it is also really easy to lose!

If you often need oral reminders, the voice recording feature in this device will be very helpful to you. Need to leave information where you know the kids will find it? Then this device will work wonders for you! However, if you are just a basic user, and only wish to listen to music, then the voice recording feature may prove more annoying then anything.

 You see, sometimes, just the brush of a button will start the recording, and the next time you listen to music, you’ll be interrupted by any of the sounds that you recorded. Another aspect of this feature, however, is the ability to record crisp, clear sound in a room at any given time. For those of you out there with crazy friends, this can be great for blackmail. (Though I’m certain that none of you are like that!)

The earbuds provided are acceptable, except for the fact that they have a short cord and tend to fall apart after very little use. Also included is a lanyard that attaches to the device for convenient use during exercise. The USB cable that came with this product is standard for these types of devices, though I have never found the need to remove mine from the packaging. If your computer’s USB port is easily accessible, you can plug the Audio phase 512MB MP3 Player directly into the USB port and forego any use of the USB cable.

I strongly recommend using this MP3 player if you aren’t seriously into music, and as a back-up device if you do use an iPod. Audio phase 512MB MP3 Player is also very kid-friendly, being this small and lightweight. If I were asked to provide a letter grade for this device, I would give it a B+, and would also encourage anyone to give this MP3 player a try.

Sony’s lines of Vaios are as stylish as they are powerful. Thanks to strong name recognition and great customer service Sony makes one of the more popular lines of notebooks on the market today. Included in that is the Sony VAIO VGN-NR385E/T a tan, yes that’s right, not sleek and black but tan notebook. While it looks a little different it’s still every bit a Sony on the inside. Let me get started with a few of the basics.


Processor: 1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5550

Storage Space: 200GB hard drive

RAM: 2GB RAM (expandable up to a maximum of 4 GB)

Optical Drive: a CD R / RW with integrated dual-layer DVD R +/- drive

Graphics Accelerator: An Integrated Intel X3100 video card (utilizing 358 MB of shared RAM)

Dimensions: 14.2″ x 10.6″ x 1.5″ and 6.2lbs

While this notebook is wonderfully designed I just love the one I have, you still may want to make sure you see one of these in person. Brown isn’t a standard notebook color and some consumers may be put off by it. Other than that it is a beauty. The RAM is adequate with 2GB (what I would consider the minimum for operating Windows Vista). The hard drive is of a decent size with 200GB which will be fine for most typical notebook users. The only thing I’ve noticed is the lag caused at startup by all of Sony’s preinstalled trialware. I would recommend removing whatever you won’t use (which is likely all of it). I have and I’ve noticed considerably quicker startup times.


Integrated Wireless

1 Ethernet port (for wired LAN’s)

1 Modem port (so you can dial-up internet)

4 2.0 USB ports (these are so you can connect peripherals like digital cameras, iPods, and printers)

1 FireWire port (typically used for high-speed data transfer between a digital camcorder or PC)

1 VGA output (a typical monitor output)

1 ExpressCard slot

Memory Stick / SD card slot (to be used to directly insert solid-state memory from portable devices into the notebook)

1 audio out / 1 mic in

While I love the connectivity especially the abundance of USB ports I’m a little surprised at the lack of S-Video port on my model. Other than that it is perfect. I love this notebook it is great for mobility and work, while it does lack a little on high performance. It will please any notebook consumer that just wants to hit the road with some computer power but will unlikely please the multimedia professional or hardcore gamer.

Audiophase 512MB MP3 Player


College kids and professionals will love the VGN-NR385E/T and at $830 it is worth every penny. I don’t expect a drastic drop in prices (just because it is Sony) however I do expect a slight dip as Sony continues to move forward and include the Penryn chip in their newer Vaios slowly antiquating these older core duo powered notebooks.


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