Product Review: ZVOX Z-Base 525 Sound Bar

Product Review: ZVOX Z-Base 525 Sound Bar

The Z-Base 525 sound bar makes a great 2.1 surround sound speaker system for smaller rooms like a bedroom or even a PC system for a simple to use and great sounding speaker.

  • Ease of Use, Performance: 21/25
  • Look & Feel: 24/25
  • Features 18/25
  • How much I enjoy 20/25
  • Total: 82/100

“Technology is the knack of so arranging the world that we do not experience it”

ZVOX Z-Base 525 sound bar:

The ZVOX Z-Base 525 sound bar is a great sound bar that works well for small to medium-sized rooms and those smaller setups like bedrooms or kitchens. The sound bar makes a great pedestal being designed for sitting under your television and acting as a 3 1/2 inch stand for your TV with great sound.

The ZXOV Z-Base 525 sound bar is not like other sound bars, it is 3 1/2 inches tall, 24 inches wide and 13 inches deep for a good size for those 27 to 42 inch TV. The Z-Base 525 sounds great and has adjustments for volume, subwoofer, treble, and phasecue which equates to virtual surround sound adjustment.

I found using this adjustment for the room size makes the sound stage or surround sound area sound better or worse depending on the adjustment. The ZVOX Z-Base works as a regular 2.1 surround sound bar with an integrated subwoofer but also has a subwoofer output for addition sound quality.

ZVOX Z-Base 525 Sound Bar

The ZVOX Z-Base 525 sound bar comes with the base unit, power adapter, an RCA to RCA cable, remote control and an instruction sheet for the sound bar. The ZVOX Z-Base 525 sound bar has a simple remote control that has the volume, subwoofer, treble, phasecue, power and auto power on/off buttons.

The sound from the ZVOX Z-Base 525 sound bar is great with a few adjustments for your particular tastes but I had no problem using the Z-Base quickly and easily in minutes. The phasecue is the main adjustment you will want to use when getting the perfect sound from the Z-Base as it works according to the acoustics of your room.

I found that the phasecue adjustment does make the sound bar a fuller surround sound but if you put it up just one step too much it starts to sound too out of balance between voice and other sounds. When I first plugged in the Z-Base I had a problem with voices being loud or soft and the rest of the sounds being just the opposite.

When I adjusted the phasecue down it settled down to just right and there were no more problems that a couple of days of listening enjoyment and a few more adjustments using the treble and bass did not settle out. The adjustments all have a range from 1 to 7 which may not be as much as you could want but it works well.

What really could have been nicer was more information for these levels with more than a blinking light on the front of the case but that’s all they give you. The Z-Base 525 only has a blue LED on the front that shows adjustments as it blinks for each level, a small LED display would have been nice to show these levels a little more clearly.

Other than that the only other downside of the Z-Base for a full entertainment system is the connections options on the rear for only two inputs. The ZVOX Z-Base 525 sound bar has two RCA inputs as well as the one subwoofer output and both are tied together so if both inputs are receiving a signal you will have both on the speaker bar.

If your two inputs are on at the same time as a cable box and a DVD player the sound will be coming out from both of them at any time. If you can power off any particular device when using the other it is no problem like using your cable box or antenna and a DVD player but if you want more connected you’re going to have to something else as an audio switch.

The ZVOX Z-Base 525 sound bar may not be able to switch audio inputs but for a smaller setup like the medium to smaller rooms such as a bedroom or if you have a smaller living room this makes a great setup for sound. My living room is not your typical entertainment setup but my bedroom is with a simple TV and DVD player and my antenna based digital TV setup.

The Z-Base 525 is perfect for this type of setup with television coming in from the antenna where you can simply shut off audio using the mute button for your television. You can also do the same if you’re using a cable box or TV digital-analog converter which is what I have on my bedroom television.

The Z-Base sounds great for both bass and high notes as well as voices for really great entertainment enjoyment from a single sound bar. The Z-Base does sound great and I have no problems recommending it for both a great sounding system as well as an easy one to set up and use.

One thing I noticed looking around on the internet at various reviews and two things, it doesn’t hold more than 90 pounds of television on top and does not sound well for large rooms. This equates to my situation exactly, I have a smaller 12 by 15-foot living room and a smaller 19-inch television so this is the perfect solution for a small room and smaller TV.

The Z-Base 525 makes a great sound bar that includes the benefits of being perfect for a smaller room like a bedroom or a small to medium-sized living room. I had no problems using the Z-Base 525 as a main 2.1 sound bar and as a computer sound bar for surround sound on my PC and gaming use.

I also connected the Z-Base 525 as a separate speaker set in a 7.1 surround sound setup that worked very well with its bass and treble adjustment but the main adjustment I needed was to adjust volume and phasecue. The Z-Base 525 worked very well as the rear speakers in my 7.1 surround sound setup and makes a great addition to a PC setup as well.

The Z-Base worked well for both a television speaker system and a computer set up for gaming and general DVD and Blu-ray viewing without many problems. Simple adjustments with the remote solved all my problems and I was quite impressed with the ZVOX Z-Base 525 as a full 2.1 surround sound bar that makes a great stand for a television.

Using the Z-Base 525 for a PC setup may require a bit of additional space on your desk but I found it worked well both for the regular 2.1 setups and as rear speakers for my 7.1 surround sound. I have a table behind me for picture shots and this worked out well for a spot to set the Z-Base for my rear sound which worked out great.

The Z-Base is a great sound bar and works well for many situations such as small to medium-sized rooms for your all-around medium-sized entertainment system. I highly recommend the ZVOX Z-Base 525 for a great sounding sound bar for smaller entertainment setups.

When was the last time you printed out little pictures of your family and friends? Have you always had trouble deciding which to pictures to stick into your little photo keychain? Do you just enjoy gadgets of all types, and think a digital picture viewer would be cool?

If you answered yes to any of those, then there’s a good chance you’ve looked into getting a digital photo keychain. There are numerous ones on the market, with options ranging from cheap and simple to expensive and still relatively cheap (quality).

Coby’s 1.5″ keychain is only about $12 new, which makes it a minor investment. Since Coby is an off name, a brand is known for being cheaper and lower quality than many others, you know that the software will be relatively simple and that you won’t need to buy any special cords or adapters.

Is the actual gadget worth the money, however? Will it live up to whatever standard you wish to hold it too? Will it do what it says, or will it die after a day and leave you wishing you’d spent more for a worthwhile gadget?


The body of the Coby digital picture keychain is small, scarcely larger than the screen itself. It can fit nicely in the center of your palm and looks attractive with a white, rounded rectangular body and black-beveled screen.

The screen measures in at 1.5″, but the actual screen itself is an inch, and it has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels. The keychain is a small hook, so you don’t have to struggle with trying to add it to your ring.

It is made of cheap plastic, as you’d expect, and doesn’t entirely feel like it could survive being tossed around with a set of keys. If you a delicate type with your keys, putting them on a hook when not in use, then this device should hold up. If you like me, however, tossing your keys on the nearest table, occasionally dropping them on the floor, then you might need something a little more sturdy.


This is a basic keychain, with basic features – in fact, it has only one feature, and that is the ability to display approx. 60 photos stored in internal memory.

The device is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. It is viewed as an external storage device, nothing more.

The package comes with a small cable and the software needed to resize and upload your pictures.

Screen Quality:

This is a toy. It has a screen equivalent to average, everyday cell phones – it’s bright and surprisingly clear, and does what it needs to do.

Product Review: ZVOX Z-Base 525 Sound Bar

Cons of ZVOX Z-Base 525 sound bar:

The biggest complaint with this device are connection – you can plug it in and have nothing happen. You need to keep plugging it in and unplugging it until it finally connects – you’ll know that it does because your computer with a beep, and a New Hardware Found box will appear. Once this happens, then you can upload and remove photos.


If you’re looking for a cheap stockings stuffer that has a practical novelty to it, then this is a nice choice. It is cheap and works well. The only issue is getting it to connect, which it doesn’t do every time.


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