Product Review: The Deer Hunter’s Edge


The Deer Hunter’s Edge

“Tech stuff, I will always do. They’ve been good to me.”

This is a product review of the phenomenal new Deer Hunter’s Edge from Speedtech. Priced at a well-worth-it $120-$150, the Deer Hunter’s Edge is a device that measures the probability of deer feeding at certain times based on weather and daylight. It is a revolutionary new device that gives deer hunters a new “edge” on the deer. Deer have superior sight, hearing, and smell. We are just using what we are given.

The Hunter’s Edge operates on longitude and latitude. You input longitude and latitude of your prime hunting spot when you first get the Hunter’s Edge. The Hunter’s Edge then needs a computer and internet connection to calibrate itself. One to three days later, the Hunter’s Edge is calibrated to your area. This is a very simple setup that anyone can complete.

deer hunter's edge

After turning on the Hunter’s Edge, you will see several displays. On the far right-hand side, you will see a meter with a small buck on the bottom and a large deer on the top. The scale measures from one through ten. The closer the scale is to ten, the more likelihood of deer feeding at this time.

The closer it is to one, the more reasons you have to stay home tonight. In the middle, there is a very detailed weather report, including rain, sunshine, cloud cover, and many other things. Also, underneath this weather report, the current time is displayed. On top of the Hunter’s Edge view screen, there are some more meters.

These also have the one through ten scales. However, these scales are based on later times. At the top of each of these scales, there is a plus sign. After each one, there is a number. These numbers are one through four. These scales indicate one, two, three, and four hours after the current time.

The best part of the Deer Hunter’s Edge is the ability to see into the future. By pressing the “time” button underneath the viewer, you can change the time mode from “present” to “future.” Now that the Hunter’s Edge is prepared, begin pressing the plus sign underneath the “time” button to fast-forward through time.

The Deer Hunter’s Edge will move forward in increments of exactly one hour. As you move forward in time, you will notice the one through ten scales on the side change. As it changes, you will know the probable time of the deer feeding. Also, the scales from one through ten on the top will change. This will let you know the feeding times in the next four hours. Also, you will notice the weather patterns begin to change to what they will be later.

Another feature of the Hunter’s Edge is the severe weather alert. Whenever severe weather is going to hit your area, it begins beeping. This lets you know that severe weather is on the way. Not only is this very helpful to your safety, but it will easily let you know when to stay home.

Deer hunter's

Now, the question on everyone’s mind is: Is it accurate? Yes. The Hunter’s Edge is very, very accurate. Granted, it doesn’t predict when the deer are out every time. This is simply because the deer are not controlled by the Hunter’s Edge. However, the Hunter’s Edge is a very accurate predictor of deer feeding patterns.

We have killed several deer by following sometimes odd advice from the Hunter’s Edge. These are times such as 10:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m. These are generally not very good hunting times, but we have killed deer this way. At $120-$150, The Deer Hunter’s Edge is an excellent gift for the hunter in your life.


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