Product Review – Polycom ViewStation MP for Videoconferencing

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Polycom ViewStation MP for Videoconferencing

Polycom ViewStation MP: Although more expensive than it’s counterparts, the Polycom ViewStation MO Videoconferencing has everything you need to do the job with expertise. This system is really user-friendly and it is like connecting a VCR to your TV with one or two extra connectors.

If somebody doesn’t want to show up for a press conference I’ll pull them from the card.

The camera has 2 setup interfaces, the first through the TV where all the controls can be used through the remote and the second is through a web-based interface that offers the same controls e.g, zoom in and camera movement.

Viewstation comes in at around nine thousand and has more technology than most people require. However, if you want the best then you have to pay for the best. Viewstation allows multipoint or point-to-point capabilities which means that the speaker can talk to one up to three people at the same time. There is a voice-tracking device that points the camera in the direction of the person speaking.

Polycom ViewStation MP for Videoconferencing

This system also includes address book dialing, a microphone, a mute button, excellent sound, adjustable volume and a remote that is only short of making the coffee for the conference. Once you set up the Polycom Viewstation MP then you will tend to use the same functions over and over, about 90 percent of the time. You can use 9 preset camera positions, voice-tracking, zoom and the unit can be hooked up to LAN or WAN. Highly recommended for those who need an excellent visitation and once you get used to it, no problems.

Polycom ViewStation MP


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