Product Review: Pioneer DJM 400 DJ Mixer

Product Review: Pioneer DJM 400 DJ Mixer

Product Review: Pioneer DJM 400 DJ Mixer

The Pioneer DJM 400 DJ mixer having 2 channels is an excellent and powerful mixer for any DJ, regardless of skill level. This was the first mixer I ever bought and I am very glad I did. It is reasonably priced for a beginner, but its quality makes it a great choice for any DJ to use in any location (at home or at a show).

“Our technology forces us to live mythically”

Sleek styling, superior control, superb durability and clear sound all are excellent reasons to buy this product.

The eq knobs (hi, mid and low) respond precisely when turned and the white mark to indicate where each knob is positioned makes it easy to see even when light is lacking. This mixer also comes with an excellent, useable set of effects that come out distortion-free. The effects include phaser, flanger, echo, robot, and a custom sampler.

Pioneer DJM 400 DJ Mixer

How To Use Pioneer DJM 400 DJ Mixer.

You can make each effect stretch 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 beats, or create your own tempo with the “tap” button. The sampler also allows you to record a loop of 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 beats in length. All of these effects can be controlled with the volume effects knob located below the effects bank.

Due to the mixer only having 2 channels, the headphone cues work differently than other 4+ channel mixer. Each channel plays on only one side of the headphones (channel 1 on the left and channel 2 on the right).

If you select to hear both channels and the master, the 2 channels will mix on the left side and the master will be played by itself on the right side. Although the Pioneer DJM 400 is a 2 channel mixer, each channel has inputs for CD and phono/line, so you can have up to 4 devices connected at once (only 2 can be played at once though).

Product Review: Pioneer DJM 400 DJ Mixer

Knowing this, you can hook up 4 decks at once (or as I have often, 2 decks and 1 computer). This way, when one person is finishing a set, the next DJ can have their stuff hooked up and can listen to it through that channel, without it playing over the master.

Unless you absolutely need a 4 channel Pioneer DJM 400 DJ Mixer, I would suggest buying the Pioneer DJM 400 DJ Mixer. Its affordability makes it a popular startup mixer, it’s superior quality makes it a great choice for anyone to use. Once again, the Pioneer brand proves why it is considered the standard in the DJing industry.


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