Product Review: Nano Plus Mp3 Player

Nano Plus Mp3 Player

So what is the Zen Nano Plus Mp3 player, and what do I need to make an informed buying decision? Well, the Zen Nano Plus is a wonderful mp3 player in a bite-size. You see the player is only about the size of a lighter and yet holds over eighteen hours of music with little to no sweat off it’s back.

“If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger”

Nano Plus Mp3 Player

The Zen Nano Plus runs off of AAA batteries which for some may be a turn-off, but if you’ve ever gone camping or just away from civilization for a few days, this couldn’t be more perfect for you.Nano Plus Mp3 Player music

Using AAA batteries is also inexpensive and you may even want to consider just buying rechargeable batteries if you don’t like having to buy fresh batteries for the Zen Nano Plus.

The Zen Nano Plus like more expensive players comes with an FM tuner and voice recorder. The FM tuner seems to work really well, and at times picks up a clearer signal than my car radio. Which is kind of weird, but hey, it works.

The Zen Nano Plus voice recorder is very convenient and makes taking personal notes or recording distant family members a snap.

The Zen Nano Plus mp3 player comes with a small LCD screen that displays the tracks and settings for each song.

The screen is a little small, but isn’t too hard to read, and has a backlight for long rides at night, which can be rather nice for road trips. The Zen Nano Plus has a volume control, play, and pause button and a scroller.

Nano Plus Mp3 Player

Now the scroller on the Zen Nano Plus is for skipping songs, but you can’t skip a song unless you first pause what you’re listening too. And it’s, unfortunately, one of the downsides to this amazing mp3 player.

Now the Zen Nano Plus comes with everything you’ll need to get started; including headphones, USB wire, AAA battery and armband for fitness use.

To put music on the Zen Nano Plus is very easy, and just requires plugging the mp3 player to the computer through the USB wire, and then dragging and dropping the music into it.

The Zen Nano Plus MP3 player files and can hold up to 18hours of music. Which is plenty! Unless you just have to have every song from an album you don’t even listen too.

Now for some the Zen Nano Plus might just not be enough, but for anyone who is looking for a lightweight heavy-duty mp3 player with plenty of other great features.

Then this is perfect! The Zen Nano Plus, in my opinion, is great for anyone looking to camp or take long road trips and needs a good mp3 player that supports AAA batteries.


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