Product Review: LG VX5200 (by Verizon)

LG VX5200 (by Verizon)

LG VX5200 (by Verizon)

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LG VX5200 (by Verizon): When I lost my last cell phone with no insurance, I had to choose a new cell phone, which could suit my needs and stay within my price range. I finally decided that the LG VX5200 was the perfect match for me. Now that I’ve had the cell phone for a few months, I wouldn’t call it a perfect match, but it gets the job done.

First I’ll highlight the PROS:

LG VX5200 (by Verizon)

Price: Since I lost my last phone, I had to pay full retail which is still a reasonable $219.99. This cell phone is very well equipped, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a similarly priced phone with the same features as the VX5200.

Tri-Mode: Means the phone runs on a combination of three frequency bands to give you the best coverage where the all digital phones don’t get a signal.

Battery Life: With a talk time, listed by Verizon Wireless as 200 minutes, and a standby life of 165 hours, I have been quite pleased with this aspect of the LG VX5200 (by Verizon).

Camera: The “Smart Camera”, with flash is located on top half of the flip phone, and can be used while still closed by hitting the camera button on the side of the cell phone.

Tech. capabilities: The VX5200 is capable of sending and receiving picture and text messages as well as accessing mobile web, with Verizon’s get it now, you can download ringtones, backgrounds and more. The voice activated menu is another big plus, easy to learn and use, it is very helpful when driving.

Cosmetics: I think the looks of the LG VX5200 (by Verizon) are well thought out. With a size of about 3 inches high, 2 inches wide and 1 inch deep, it is an average size for a flip style cell phone. The blue, gray and silver design gives the front of this LG cell phone a cool look. Both screens are bright and colorful, although they don’t go with a wide selection of preset backgrounds.

Features For LG VX5200 (by Verizon):

Alas, we look at the CONS of the LG VX5200:

Sound Quality: Although I don’t notice it very often, the LG VX5200 does emit a high pitched buzzing sound from time to time which has been a major problem with some owners of this cell phone from Verizon Wireless.

Speakerphone: Although it may be a pro just to have speakerphone as an option, the speakerphone on the LG VX5200 (by Verizon) is almost pointless. It is very weak, you practically have to put the phone up to your ear even when speakerphone is on.

Camera: Again, good feature, but not well executed. This camera is quite dark and grainy in quality. I rarely use this option because of the low quality of the photos.

External Screen: Even though the LG VX5200 (by Verizon) outer screen is useful, after about 10 seconds it goes completely black. To get the time, you have to click on the side buttons which turns the lights on full power for a short time. This obviously detracts from the good battery life this LG cell phone boasts. Also, picture ID’s do not appear on the outter screen.

Ringtones: The selection for preloaded ringtones on the LG VX5200 (by Verizon) is weak at best. The 5 monophonic and 5 polyphonic ringtones, aren’t going to impress your friends, but feel free to download ringers right off your cell phone for a reasonable prices.

LG VX5200 (by Verizon)

Overall: This phone is good for basic communicating, with lots of features. The only problem is the lackluster execution of the camera, speakerphone, and external screen. It takes some time to get used to the corky features of the LG VX5200 (by Verizon) but if you’re in the market for a basic cell phone with the availability of some nice options, this cell phone may be for you.



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