Product Review: Graco iMonitor 2795

Graco iMonitor 2795

Graco iMonitor 2795

If you want to make sure that you hear your baby at night, then you will need a baby monitor. The Graco iMonitor 2795 is a high-end system that promises to deliver peace of mind so that you can sleep comfortably. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the 2795.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

The Graco iMonitor 2795 doesn’t use radio signals. Instead, the baby monitor uses digital signals. This will ensure that you only hear your baby’s sounds with absolutely no static.

The system includes two reception units so that you can monitor your baby from two locations. The additional parent unit also proves useful if you happen to lose one of the receivers. If you do happen to lose one, you will certainly appreciate the included pager. The pager will easily allow you to find one of the missing parent units.

The Graco iMonitor 2795 has an exceptional range. The parent units are capable of getting reception from up to 2000 feet away from the base. This means that you can easily listen to your baby while relaxing outside in the yard. If you happen to venture too far from the base and lose the signal, an alarm will sound to alert you that you are out of range.

The iMonitor 2795 also works with rechargeable batteries for added convenience. There is also an included docking station so that you can easily recharge the batteries. The receivers fit into the docking station much like a cordless phone fits into the recharging station.

Many baby monitors are prone to interference from remote controls, cordless phones, and wireless computer networks. The Graco iMonitor 2795 won’t be susceptible to interference or static even when used around these devices. However, if you do happen to experience interference, you will have the option of switching channels.

The Graco iMonitor 2795 includes a battery back-up for the base unit in case the power ever goes out. The parent receivers will also emit an audible alarm whenever the child unit fails to receive power. The receivers will keep emitting the alarm until you turn them off or restore power back to the base unit.

Graco iMonitor 2795

The Graco iMonitor 2795 is one of the best baby monitors that you can buy. The $70-$90 investment is a small price to pay for peace of mind knowing that you can hear every sound that your baby makes. If you’re in the market for a baby monitor, then make sure you check out the iMonitor.


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