Product Review: Comcast Cable


Comcast Cable:

“Habit is a cable; we weave a thread of it each day, and at last we cannot break it.”

I have been a Comcast Cable customer for about a year, and I must say I wish there was another cable provider in my area. (In my area your choices are Comcast for cable or satellite through DirectTV).

Comcast Cable

Reasons For Using Comcast Cable:

For many months I had a digital cable package through Comcast Cable and I loved it. The selection of channels was adequate, and the interactive TV guide screen made it really easy for me to find something to watch.

I also had partial access to OnDemand programming, which I also enjoyed. I especially loved it when they added FearNet (a rotating collection of horror movies). I could “rent” many movies each month without paying extra. Comcast Cable was great.

And then I reached a point where that package was too expensive. So I went with the cheapest package possible, about 20 channels for $15 a month. The digital programming was gone, along with OnDemand, but hey, at least I still have some sort of TV to watch. I would not have kept any cable TV service at all except that in my neighborhood, you can only pick up 3 channels by the antenna. And one of the channels only comes through clearly when the weather is great. So this package is a good alternative to going insane from basically no TV whatsoever.

Now, programming is all that I can say I like about Comcast. Periodically the cable goes out for no apparent reason. Sometimes it’s for a few minutes, sometimes a few hours. And I do mean truly no apparent reason. There is no rain, hail, snow, thunder, lightning, or exceptionally high wind in the neighborhood. You’re watching TV on a sunny day and out of nowhere, you are suddenly watching static. I’ve had this issue with both service packages, and the cords have all been fine.

Lastly, I feel a bit mixed about Comcast’s customer service. I have not actually called customer service often, because I hate calling customer service centers. I have contacted customer service via online chat a few times, however, and that was a decent experience once I got through the queue line.

The real highlight of my experience with Comcast Cable came when I downgraded my service. I opened my first bill after that and was just thrilled to discover I got to pay them to change the service and pick up my digital cable box.

Comcast Cable

Every cable company probably does this, but seriously. That took all of two minutes for a technician to do, and what are the odds he was in or near the neighborhood that day anyway? And I have always believed companies should not nickel and dime their customers.


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