Product Review: Net 10 Samsung T201G Prepaid Flip Cellphone

Net 10 Samsung T201G Prepaid Flip Cellphone

Product Review: Net 10 Samsung T201G Prepaid Flip Cellphone

Net 10 is a company owned by the more-popular prepaid cell phone provider Tracfone. This secondary company offers the most simple plan you can find on any prepaid plan – every minute costs ten cents, whether you’re calling across the state or across the world, and whether you’re talking or texting. This makes it simple to manage, and in many cases, cheaper than its big brother Tracfone.

“These days, children can text on their cell phone all night long, and no one else is seeing that phone. You don’t know who is calling that child.”

One of the better cellphones offered by Net 10 is Samsung’s T201G, a phone not offered by Tracfone, though they offer the T301G and T101G models. This cell phone is very basic and is priced at $39.99, which seems high until you realize that it comes bundled with 300 minutes of talk time good for 60 days of service (which can be expanded with the purchase of additional days).

Net 10 Samsung T201G Prepaid Flip Cellphone


This phone comes with a different price scheme than some of Net 10’s other cellphones, namely that international calls are priced at $0.15 per minute, calls are $0.10 per minute, and text messages are only $0.05 per text (sent or received). The physical features of this phone are very basic. There is a speakerphone for sharing calls. The ringtones included are all polyphonic, and the phone doesn’t support real songs. There is a contact feature called a phonebook, where you can store up to 100 contacts.

Net 10 Samsung T201G Prepaid Flip Cellphone

Caller ID is available if you want to screen your calls, but there is no unique ID image or ringtone for different contacts. There is voicemail for those times you can’t get to your phone, but you have to pay minutes while accessing it and listening to your messages.

Basic apps include alarm clock, calculator, and stopwatch. You can auto-redial the last number called. The phone is hearing-aid compatible.


The price scheme for the T201G through Net 10 is a good option for individuals who don’t use their phone constantly, but who use it frequently enough that the bundle and reducing text rate or desirable. This phone has the basics, but can’t take pictures or send MMS messages. Overall, the budget-priced T201G is a good option for kids, or adults wanting basic features.


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