Product Review: Kodak Easy Share C433 Digital Camera

Kodak Easy Share C433 Digital Camera

Kodak Easy Share C433 Digital Camera

The Kodak Easy Share C433 Digital Camera is just one of many models of the Easy Share brand. This camera is great for beginners or anyone who enjoys photography but doesn’t desire a fancier model.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

The Kodak Easy Share C433 Digital Camera has a 4-megapixel setting to make for clear pictures and a 3x optical zoom. The zoom button is very easy to use and will help you focus perfectly on your subject. If you are too close, you can even press the button to back away from the subject.

Kodak Easy Share C433 Digital Camera

One of the most useful features is the 13 photography modes. Aside from the usual automatic setting, there are also settings for:

Landscape: Use for distant scenery

Close Up: Use for subjects less than 28 inches away






Sport: Use when the subject is in motion

Backlight: Use when there is light behind the subject

Night portrait

Self Portrait: Use for close up of self

Portrait: Use for full-length pictures of other subjects

Video: Use to capture motion and sound

After you take photos, you will instantly see a preview on the screen, which you can review before switching back to capture mode. If you review your pictures later, you can move forward and backward through your camera to look at them again. You can either press the share button to save a picture and email it later or if you don’t like a picture, you can delete it.

However, if you accidentally delete the wrong picture or decide you like one, after all, you can go into the delete menu and select undo the delete. In an instant, your picture will once again be saved.

Once you get home and upload your pictures, you can put your camera in the optional Easy Share dock to print copies or connect the provided USB cable to your computer. To see how your pictures look on the computer, the Easy Share CD software will allow you to create albums and store the pictures in each album. If you don’t have any setup, you can transfer the pictures to one collection and also choose whether or not to automatically delete them after they have uploaded.

The software also lets you order prints online, create personalized gifts such as photo calendars and greeting cards, and edit your photos in different ways You can rotate pictures, automatically enhance them, adjust the scene balance (for exposures, shadows, and highlights), work on color balance (make a photo lighter or darker with the click of a mouse), and add fun effects such as making your picture look like a cartoon.

I have had this camera for about a month and as someone who doesn’t do a lot of advanced photography, I have enjoyed the ease of use, the near-perfect quality photos, and how lightweight the camera is. With a memory card, you can buy separately, your camera could hold up to 900 photos depending on what size card you purchase.

The only thing I do not like is how quickly the camera loses battery. You need two AA batteries and if you don’t have rechargeable, the batteries die quickly if you leave the camera on for too long or use it too frequently. I would recommend purchasing rechargeable batteries and let them fully charge instead of having to buy packages so often.

If you’d like to purchase the Kodak Easy Share C433, the box comes with:

Digital camera

Easy Share printer dock

USB cable

Wrist strap

Easy Share Software CD

Two Kodak AA (non-rechargeable) batteries

User manual

Optional accessories:

Camera carrying case

Memory card

Kodak rechargeable batteries and charger

Easy Share Camera Dock


The maximum photo size of the Minolta z10 is 2048 x 1536 pixels, which is large enough to make an 8″ x 10″ print, though smaller prints will look better. There is a noticeable amount of grain in the nighttime and low-light shots, though not enough to render the photo unusable–running the image through a noise cleaner, such as Neat Image, easily solves the problem.

Daytime shots, especially outdoor shots, look wonderful despite the lack of image stabilization and come out sharp and blur-free. There is almost no discernable noise in outdoor photos I have taken, even at the highest resolution possible.

The zoom is fast and easy to use and switches seamlessly from optical to digital if you have a digital zoom set in the MENU. Kodak Easy Share C433 Digital Camera does make a discernable whirring sound when used, but due to the lack of onboard microphone, that matter is irrelevant to most users.


Video quality is low, as is expected from early digital cameras. The maximum resolution is 320×240, and there is no sound, due to the lack of a microphone.


Transferring photos is easy is your laptop or computer has a built-in card reader, or if you have a card reader adapter. If not, you can use the USB cable that came with the camera–unfortunately, Kodak Easy Share C433 Digital Camera doesn’t use the standard mini-USB cable that is common, but a micro-USB cable, which is hard to find at stores.

Kodak Easy Share C433 Digital Camera


If you’re looking for an ultra-zoom digital camera that is cheap and easy to use, while regularly turning out high-quality photos and allowing for a great level of setting manipulation, the Konica Minolta DiMAGE z10 is an excellent option.


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