Ionic Breeze, by Sharper Image, Product Review

Ionic Breeze, by Sharper Image

Advertising And What Convinces People To Purchase About Ionic Breeze, by Sharper Image

In This paper we will discuss advertising and what convinces people, myself included, to purchase products. I will also describe the advertisement that convinced me to purchase a product recently. In addition, I will cover why the ad convinced me and what my expectations are about the product because of the ad.

“Ethics change with technology”

The product I am referring to is the Ionic Breeze, by Sharper Image. Although I couldn’t find the original advertisement, their most current advertisement can be found at Since I purchased the product last spring, they have made some improvements to the product and features that my version of the product doesn’t have.

Ionic Breeze, by Sharper Image

Features of Ionic Breeze, by Sharper Image:

The key feature about Ionic Breeze, by Sharper Image that caught my attention in the advertisement was the fact that it removes allergens. This was very important aspect since I have a daughter that gets spring allergies. This is what convinced me to purchase the product.

The advertisement itself has a list of very detailed information. Even on their TV commercials, they give an abundance of information. Another key feature is that the item is silent. Being silent was an important feature since it was to go into her bedroom and she would be sleeping with it on.

My expectations of the product Ionic Breeze, by Sharper Image that it would keep the air clean and free of dust and other particles that would annoy my daughter while she slept. I also liked the idea of having no filter and being able to just wipe it clean.

The biggest issue I have with this product, is for it to be most effective is you have to keep the bedroom door shut, however with children, sometimes that isn’t always feasible.

Ionic Breeze, by Sharper Image

Sharper Image, 2006, retrieved on September 11, 2006 from


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