Product Review: The IHome (R) IH5 is One of My Favorite IPod Accessories


IHome (R) IH5 iPod Accessory

“All this modern technology just makes people try to do everything at once.”

If you’re looking for a stereo to hook your iPod to the iH5- IPod accessories is by far your best choice. It delivers high-quality sound and also has a great design to boot. The iH5 is great for work or at home.

IHome (R) IH5 iPod Accessory

It is compatible with almost every iPod out there. If you have multiple types you will have to change out the adapter that comes with the unit though.

Reasons for Choosing IHome (R) IH5 iPod Accessory

When bought the iH5-IPod accessories I was expecting a decent little stereo for my dorm room. The iH5 did not disappoint me. The sound quality was quite good even at high volume. The controls are very easy to use and I haven’t had any problems or complaints since I bought two years ago.

The iH5-IPod accessories certainly doesn’t compare to home entertainment systems and the sort but that should be expected. The iH5 retails for about $100.00 and it is well worth it. I use it mainly in my dorm because it’s small and I didn’t want to bring my stereo from home. I also use it to wake up in the mornings and it hasn’t failed me yet.

IH5 IPod

My only complaint is the remote doesn’t have hardly any range. I do wish I could get a remote that would work across a living room. It is a small pain to walk over to the stereo every time I want to change the station or volume. If you’re looking for a set and forget system then it is perfect for you.

One very nice feature is when your iPod accessories is connected to it your iPod will start charging. When I come home from class I just put my iPod in my and I turn on the same music I was listening to. In my dorm between my roommate and myself, the music never stops. This was the perfect way for me to listen to the music on my iPod in my dorm. I don’t need a large stereo or any other equipment. The radio turner makes it an all in one package. There is also a headphone jack so you could even hook up another mp3 player to it. If won’t charge it but this would be very cool for anyone with a different mp3 player looking to play their music at there house or at work.

IH5 IPod

Overall the iH5-IPod accessories is a knockout winner. Just be aware the remote isn’t that great so put it in a place that is easily reachable. You won’t be disappointed though.


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