HP Pavilion Dm1z Product Review

HP Pavilion Dm1z

HP Pavilion Dm1z

“The laptop brings back a more seamless kind of learning”

 I recently had the opportunity to test out the HP Pavilion dm1z, a customizable personable computer notebook from Hewlett Packard. I was excited about this chance since I have been in the market to buy a new laptop for a while now. As much as I love my desktop computer, I continue to find myself in need of a more flexible and updated system. This was a test model and therefore it was a bare-bones version. However, With any luck, I would fall in love with this laptop and purchase it at a later date.

HP Pavilion Dm1z

The first thing that stands out about the HP Pavilion dmz1 is the thin and sleek appearance. It’s very easy to carry around the office, the home, or in the community if need be.HP Pavilion dm1z Laptops are meant to be light and convenient, and the HP Pavilion dmz1 is no different. Despite the size and lightweight feel, HP Pavilion dm1z still boasts a full-size keyboard. This is a fantastic benefit for anybody who hates using the smaller, more compact keyboards that come with most laptops. Not once did my fingers fall over each other trying to find the correct key. It was a very positive experience.

Features of HP Pavilion Dm1z:

Personally, I do a lot of media work on my desktop computer, and I feared that my laptop would not be able to process the videos as well as the desktop. I was pleasantly surprised. The HP Pavilion dmz1 was very capable and performed at the same level, or even better than my desktop computer. The quality of the picture and sound was great. I really couldn’t believe I could get this level of clarity from a laptop computer. The computer came with a lot of software downloaded onto the desktop. I did not get to try all of these out. Truth is, if I do purchase the HP Pavilion dmz1, I would probably end up deleting many of these supposed features.

The battery life on this particular laptop model runs approximately four hours. The other laptop I tried out a few weeks had a battery life of three hours. So although it’s an improvement, it’s not a huge improvement. Since I would probably be carrying the lightweight laptop around with me at work, HP Pavilion dm1z would be nice if they could have gotten the battery to last eight hours without having to use a dimmed screen or other battery saving techniques.

HP Pavilion dm1z

Overall, I found this netbook to be extremely useful in my everyday needs for a laptop computer. I would probably still keep a home desktop computer since the HP Pavilion provides me better “on-the-go” computer access. The only thing that gave me some difficulty was the trackpad. It was a bit bumpy and slow at times, but I am sure with some more time, I could easily acclimatize myself to it. I may purchase the HP Pavilion dmz1 in the future since it is reasonably affordable as well.


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