Product Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Product Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

“Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 With the plethora of techno-gadgets available today it is hard to pick the best of the best. While HTC One ranked first in PC Magazine’s top phone of 2013, The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 came in a close second.

It is a great all-in-one tool for many on the go business people who need a phone to do everything they need without carrying around their entire desk.

 Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Stylus Pen

The stylus pen is the biggest perk with getting the Note 3. Sure other phones have stylus capabilities, but the Note 3 has the stylus pen built into it for easy removal. Why is that such a big deal? How many times have you lost or misplaced a pen over the years? I know I have at least a hundred times. Now I use the pen and once I’m done slide it back into the phone.

I like the pen feature because I personally am more comfortable with writing things down versus typing them in. I am a writer by heart after all. But this nifty little tool isn’t just for writers. I know plenty of people who complain about having to type on tiny buttons to send a text. The stylus will take your handwritten message and convert it to text for you.

The Big Screen

While the screen isn’t as big as a tablet, it is bigger than most smartphones and that is a plus. The only drawback to having such a large screen is holding it to your face is kind of like holding one of those old school, big gray phones from the ’80s

. But in this day and age, a lot of users counteract that by using the blue tooth as it is safer to use when driving.

The great thing about the Note 3 is that it is essentially a small computer. It runs on Android, so I have access to all my other Google Play apps I use.

I generally prefer this phone because I have creative inspiration hit at any time and need to keep notes for the next book or article I plan to write. While I definitely believe it is a must-have for writers, it is also great for many other types of business people.

 Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Overall the Samsung Note 3 has two major perks on top of other smartphone devices on the market to date. While Apple and HTC will inevitably come up with a competitor phone soon, Samsung made the mold with the Note 3.


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