Product Review: Canon IP6600D Photo Printer

Canon IP6600D Photo Printer

Product Review: Canon IP6600D Photo Printer

The Canon IP6600D Photo Printer is a great printer. I recommend it highly to anyone. The photo printing is excellent. I like being able to put my media stick right into the computer or print directly from a USB hooked up to my camera! The print quality is very high for other types of printing, such as for resumes and color pages.

“I work closely with the printer to get the final print the way I want it.”

The printer is versatile, with, for instance, two different paper feed sources. A window on the printer shows the photo about to be printed. There are six ink tanks, preserving ink of each color, and changing the ink is simple.

Canon IP6600D Photo Printer

Works with Windows Vista on a Dell Computer

Before I even start ranting about how great this printer is, I have to mention the coolest feature it has to offer. It works with Windows Vista on my new Dell Computer. I don’t know if anyone else out there has experienced any problems with Windows Vista, but I sure did.

My other older printer, a Hewlett Packard printer scanner copier 500, does not seem to work with Windows Vista. The Hewlett Packard website says it does, but so far, no one, including most of the Dell computer experts, has been able to solve this problem. HP was going to charge me $35 an hour to find out the answer because my warranty has expired!

Canon IP6600D Photo Printer: Photo Printing

This is a photo printer, specifically. I am very happy with its photo printing. I love all the options available! One reason I chose this printer was that you can put in 4 x 6 photo paper or regular letter size paper. Then, the photos you make can be 4 x 6, 5 x 7, credit card size, or letter size 8 1/2 by 11. Additionally, you can change the media type setting for glossy, matte paper, or even sticker paper to make photo stickers.

Bordered or borderless photo printing is available. On the printer itself and through the use of the computer it is hooked up to, you are able to adjust the picture image before printing, such as the image contrast, image brightness, and color hue. Red-eye reduction is included as an option. This printer even prints a color photo in black and white or sepia!

The quality of the photos printed on this computer is excellent. I feel that the quality compares to ordering photos from places like or Sony’s The great thing about this is that I can print right from my home at any time.

Transferring Images from Camera to Printer

The Canon IP6600D Photo Printer has many options for getting the pictures to the printer to be printed. The first option is to use a media stick and put it right into the printer! The memory cards which can be used include the compact Flash cf card, memory stick or memory stick pro, secure digital sd card, multimedia card, and the SmartMedia card 3.3v card. With an adapter, you can use the xD-Picture Card, the memory stick pro duo, and the mini SD card. Generally, these adapters are included with the memory card for no extra cost.

A second option is to hook up the camera to the printer using a USB cable that usually comes with your camera. There is a USB connection right on the printer. Third, and maybe gaining the most in popularity, is the use of Bluetooth devices. You simply connect the Bluetooth unit BU-20 to the direct print port on the right front side of the printer. Infrared communication is the fourth option. This is useful if you have an infrared mobile phone. Some of the newer phones that have come out have the infrared but not Bluetooth connection.

Canon IP6600D Photo Printer

Paper Feed Sources

You can put paper two different places in Canon IP6600D Photo Printer. The first is in the front at the bottom. This is where you put the 4 x 6 photo paper sheets. Or, you can use the feed in the back on top of the printer for regular size letter paper or for envelopes. There is a feed switch button on the computer to change the feed source. This way, you can have paper loaded both places, and choose which paper to use for each picture without having to remove it each time.

Viewing Window

There is an LCD monitor directly on the printer. I have found this incredibly useful because it means I don’t ever have to connect this printer to a computer. I can simply connect the printer through Pictbridge using my camera and its USB connection, and then I can see the picture right on the monitor. Although you don’t have all the options available as you would through using the computer, such as red-eye reduction, you can enlarge or reduce the photo and trim it.

Changing the Ink

It is relatively simple to change the ink in the Canon IP6600D Photo Printer. There are six different ink tanks, black, photo magenta, magenta, yellow, cyan, and photo cyan. What this means is that you change one color of ink as it runs out, instead of having to change all of them when you only used up one color. In the long run, this will also save money because you won’t be wasting any of the ink.

The printer alerts you on your computer or on the LCD monitor of the printer when ink is low. It also alerts you when the ink has run totally out. It will not continue to print once the ink has run out, which can ruin the quality of the photos. To change the ink, all you have to do is lift up the lid on top, and the ink tanks will move to the center, and the tank that is empty will light up and flash. You remove the old tank and put the new one in, and just close the cover.


I highly recommend the Canon IP6600D Photo Printer. I also have found that it prints great quality resumes on resume paper and great color prints on regular paper. I enjoy being able to use a media card, my camera directly, or Bluetooth/infrared device to get the pictures loaded onto the printer. The printer is easy to load paper and change ink tanks. I really haven’t had any problems using this printer (with the small exception of ink sometimes bleeding onto the reverse side of the photo paper on 4 x 6 photos.)


Here are some useful tips and information on using this printer. First, sometimes when you print many 4 x 6 photos all at once, towards the end I have found that the ink bleeds a bit onto the backside of the photo. This can sometimes be avoided by printing a couple of photos and then taking a break. Also, make sure to let the ink dry once the photo is printed, or else if you touch the printing it will smear.

I have also found that less expensive replacement ink can be used in this printer. Although this is a relatively new printer, the ink has recently become available from some different online ink suppliers. The one I have used is This website has discount printer ink for Canon IP6600D Photo Printer, Hewlett Packard, and other brand name printers. They also generally feature free software for your computer if you purchase a certain dollar amount of printer ink.

I would generally recommend using canon photo paper in this printer. Other brands could be used, but the quality could decrease. Instead, try finding canon photo paper for less. Staples, for instance, will give you $3 off your purchase of photo paper if you bring in a used ink cartridge for them to recycle. Also, I have found good deals on photo paper on! Use the search engine of your computer to pull up a discount Canon IP6600D Photo Printer

Good luck! I hope you have as much fun with this product as I do!


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