Dremel 3000 vs 4000: Which One Is Better?

Dremel 3000 vs 4000

Introduction: Dremel 3000 vs 4000

“I like doing things where I can get dirty, work with my hands, and use power tools. Last weekend, I did some grouting.”

Dremel 3000 vs 4000: Rotary tools are efficient and versatile handheld tools used for several DIY projects. They consist of a rotating motor and a spindle that can attach a variety of tool bits for various purposes. Their motors spin at around 20,000 RPM with some at even 35000 RPM to achieve the desired outcome. 

Since these tools are considerably small, handling them does not cause muscle ache or any discomfort. They are quite convenient. Different rotary tools are made to deliver various amounts of torque, depending upon the types of tasks for which they are used. Many people have favored keeping rotary tools in their tool kits. That’s mainly because of the rotary tool’s compactness, versatility, and convenience.

What makes the rotary tool so great is that you can attach various kinds of tips to it and use the rotary tool for a lot of purposes. They are a much better alternative to bigger tools that have fixed attachments. 

While sanding, the speed of the tool should be set to medium to make sure you get the finest results possible. To bring out the shine in metal objects, rotary tools are used by fixing a buffer on the tip, applying some wax, and using the tool at a medium speed. To carve or etch through an object, you can attach any of the carbide heads to the tip of your rotary tool. When you have a metal object that has had a lot of rust buildup, you can easily clean it by attaching wire wheels to your rotary tool and get rid of the rust. 

Dremel – The Best Rotary Tools Manufacturer

Dremel was founded in 1932 by Albert J. Dremel, and their rotary tools are quite popular between professionals and people who use tools at home as well. Dremel provides its users with very good quality and price. 

The company has spent many years building its brand name, and it has made a good reputation for itself over the years. The company manufactures a wide range of tools and products, such as rotary, oscillating, saws, and cutters. 

Dremel 3000 vs 4000

Dremel 3000 vs 4000 Comparison

To make sure you make the right decision regarding which rotary tool by Dremel to buy, we will be discussing mainly two models: the Dremel 3000 vs 4000 and see how they compare to each other in specifications, durability, power, and speed. Then you can understand fairly better which one of these would suit your needs more.

Dremel 3000


The Dremel 3000 has a very high-powered motor, which makes sure that the machine gets as much energy as needed to give you the best of results from your work. Operating at 1.2 Amp and 120 volts, the Dremel 3000 is electrically powered and does not come with a battery.

The device can easily accommodate all of the attachments and tips that come with the devices, making sure you can perform all kinds of tasks with the ease you desire: whether you want to sharpen your tools, clean off the rust from metal or carve through products. 


The Dremel 3000 packs a speed that varies between 5000-32000 RPM. If you are working at the maximum speed, you will be getting results that are more precise and more versatility from the device. The machine will go through less damage and will be a lot more flexible because of high variability in its speed. The cost of working the machine also reduces as you can operate your 3000 on the speed you desire. 

Due to the wide variability in the speed range of the device, you can perform your tasks at many different speeds, making the device as comfortable for you to use as possible. Adjusting the speed has been made very simple; you can use the knobs to turn up the speed or lower it down.


The Dremel 3000 caters to the needs of all kinds of customers, including professional workers, beginners, and people who love to use tools at home. What attracts them to this model is its price. It is a very affordable model. Most people who have only had a recent start in this field, they do not have much money to spend on expensive tools. In that sense, this model is great for them. It is cheap and very easy to use.

The design of the 3000 is quite ergonomic, and the device is built in a way that reduces vibration, making it very for the user to handle and control. Having strong grips to avoid any injury, the Dremel 3000 makes sure its user stays safe. The carbon brushes that come with the device are accessible by the owner, so he/she can replace them according to their desires in case they want to increase the machine’s durability. Overall, the machine comes with many accessories that are very easy to handle and do not require any special skill to attach to the device.


The Dremel 3000 comes with three different types of kits, including; 3000-1/24, 3000-1/25, and 3000-2/28 rotary tool kits. 


3000-1/24 is a great kit that can help you with many different kinds of tasks. It has 24 pieces and can operate with a 5000 to 35000 RPM speed variability. It is a great kit that accommodates many different attachments. It can help any professional with a versatile range of tasks at hand.

The kit comes with a very hard, durable, and easy to carry case, which makes sure everything you need to use is safe and in one place. The kit works very well with core attachments. With 3000, this kit is a great option and can prove very satisfactory for beginner level users as well.

There Dremel 3000 comes with two other types of kits as well, whichever you choose to keep and use will depend on the kind of work that you will need to do with your device. Sharpening an object will require a different set of attachments, while carving will require very different attachments.

Make sure you thoroughly research the kinds of attachments and tips you need for your work that can be fixed on your device. Your choice of kit is very important during your purchase as buying a great device will not be worthwhile if you choose the wrong kit to get with it. The device will not be of much use to you if you do not own the attachments needed for your specific type of work.

The 3000-1/24 comes with a nose cap wrench fully integrated with your device and wide variability in speed. The wrench will help you in replacing attachments quite comfortably. And the speed control will help you use your device very precisely and get the best results out of your Dremel 3000, and ensure great flexibility.


The next kit with the Dremel 3000 is the 3000-1/25, which comes with a lot of great features and attachments as well. Overall, it is has a lot of features which you will also find in the 3000-1/24, but there is still some notable difference. This one comes with 25 attachments that support the Dremel 3000.

This tool kit is more suitable for professionals rather than beginners as it comes with a lot of attachments, which are usually operated by advanced users. Some of the great tools include the Dremel’s flexible shaft, multi-tool 3000, and many other attachments such as a carbon 428 brush made wholly out of steel, ensuring amazing quality. It also includes two polishing wheels (429), which are great for polishing metal surfaces. Their fine quality brings out the best shine on surfaces and gives you the very best and satisfying results. The kit is great value for money.

The kit comes with a fan system that provides great cooling for the machine if you plan to work the machine for a long period.


The 3000-2/28 is a very professional kit, which includes two attachments, and the number of accessories that come with it is 28. The kit includes a grinding guide and a cutting guide, which gives the user great knowledge about taking on projects in a professional manner. This kit comes with a top-quality case and motor brushes that can be replaced, making this tool kit a very good option if you have an intense use for your machine.

All of the three tool kits that come with the Dremel 3000 are full of amazing quality and options that will make your working experience enjoyable. Any of them you choose is dependent on your requirements from your device, and whether you are a professional worker or a do-it-yourself enthusiast. Whichever it may be, the Dremel 3000 provides you with great options to choose from, and you will not be disappointed with your choice. 

It should be noted here that Dremel is one of the few brands that provides its customers with such great options regarding tool kits along with its rotary tools. Not all companies provide so many attachments and accessories like Dremel. This is one of the main reasons that Dremel’s rotary tools are among the most popular in the market today.


Dremel 3000 has an improved design and build than its ancestors. The improvement has made it quite comfortable to use. Its firm grip helps you in moving it during use and prevents any chance of motor slipping out of your hands. 

The device offers several uses like sanding, cutting, sharpening, etc. When it comes to cutting, the Dremel 3000 includes a large 15/16 inch cutting disk. You can use it to cut or trim any metal surface that you desire. The sharp tool can also be used to cut through and slice metal. And not only metal but wood and plastics as well. The 3000 is optimal for cutting needs, and you can choose the kit that would suit your cutting needs well. That way, you can get great results from your Dremel 3000 device.

Make sure you keep the device at high speed. You can also use your rotary tool to sharpen metal tools, shears, scissors, daggers, and knives, etc. You can do this by fixing a sharpening wheel on your device and be sure to keep your face at a safe distance from the tool, and wear a protective mask and glove as a lot of sparks are produced during sharpening.

If your goal is to sand, sharpen, or grind any object or surface, the 3000 will come in very handy. The kits will provide you with enough sanding drums, bands, and discs that you may need to handle your project professionally. The sanding accessories accommodate plexiglass, book board, and wood materials.

For your carving and engraving needs, the 3000 comes with top-speed cutting accessories and diamond-tipped engravers, which will give you amazing results that are of the best quality. The 3000 also caters to all of your polishing needs with its wheels and cones.


  • EZ Twist technology for quick accessory changings
  • 1.2 amp motor 
  • Adjustable speed range from 5000 RPM to 32000 RPM
  • Variety of tool-kit options
  • Soft and comfortable grip  


  • EZ Twist nose cap 
  • Improved and comfortable design 
  • Noiseless operations
  • Durable  


  • Comes with a cord 

Dremel 4000


The Dremel 4000 also has a very strong motor. Working at 1.6 Amp and 120 volts, the 4000 ensures high-grade performance at all levels of speed. It keeps the device very steady and stable.


The Dremel 4000 also has high speed with a wide variability range, which is around 5000-35000 RPM. Such a high speed with wider variability allows you to do your work better and more comfortably, giving your tool more preciseness. You can set the speed for different types of work quite easily. The 4000 has on and off speed switches, which give its user complete control over the speed of the device.

Dremel  4000


The Dremel 4000 is no less; it is also a great device when it comes to ease of use. It has an amazing design, which makes it perfect for all kinds of projects. It is quite popular among many professionals and other users regarding comfort. It is one of the best rotary tools available in the market today. It has received positive feedback from customers all around the world, giving it a very good reputation. 

The Dremel 4000 has a lot of great features that make it such a great option. It is a very lightweight device, so it is quite easy to hold and carry. Any customer using it will not get tired quickly, so it is amazing if you are working on a long, time-taking project. The machine includes a 6-foot long cord that allows you to use the device comfortably without having to worry about using extensions and move around with a lot of ease.  The device comes with a great grip zone, which is completely 360 degrees, making the device very easy and comfortable to use also ensuring a high level of safety for the user. The 4000 also has a special EZ nose cap that can be twisted off easily to use the interchangeable attachments that come with the device.


The Dremel 4000 comes with great kit options as well. It includes three kits that you can choose from, the 4000-2/30, 4000-3/34, and 4000-6/50. The kits are of similar quality and build. The difference lies in the number of attachment and accessories that are included in them.


The 4000-2/30 is a very nice kit option with the Dremel 4000, which includes 30 accessories and 2 attachments as well. It has a lot of useful features, such as a circle cutter. It comes with a sanding drum along with six sanding drums and eight sanding discs, also including a high-quality wrench. This kit is very suitable for users who have a lot of cutting or sanding work. If that type of work is your requirement, then this kit is perfect for you. If you need something for engraving or carving, then you will need a different set of accessories.


The 4000-3/34 is a wider range kit. It includes a set of 34 accessories and three different attachments. Ranging from a detailer’s grip, a complete grinding guide as well as an engraving cutter and a high-speed cutter, the kit is great for engraving and cutting needs.  It comes with both types of brushes; carbon steel and nylon bristle. That’s not all; it also includes polishing wheels (5) and a polishing compound. The higher number of options makes it a lot better than the 4000-2/30.


The Dremel 4000-6/50 comes with 50 accessories and four attachments. It is the best among all the kits that come with the Dremel 4000 and comes with many options, even a lawnmower. This kit will help you in completing all of your tasks quite quickly, and the best part is that all types of users can easily operate it.

Whichever kit you choose to get with your device, it will be a complement to it and aid you in all your work needs. Whether you are undertaking a project that includes a lot of sanding/grinding, engraving, or cutting through metal, or even if you need to polish something, Dremel provides you with a complete range of accessories and attachments to choose from with its many kits. 


Dremel 4000 has a super comfortable design. Its firm grip helps you maintain your position during operation and enables swift movements when needed. 

The Dremel 4000 is great for cutting as well as it comes with five different cutting options, including cutting bits and cut off wheels as well. The 4000 is a very powerful device and will be able to cut through any sort of material.  Its powered motor ensures that you get the best cutting as compared to other devices. And it’s not just advertising; the 4000 practically provides you with the energy it claims to have. 

With its three accessories, the 4000 works well for your sanding and sharpening needs as well. It will aid you well in removing rust from your metal objects, along with grinding and trimming them as well. With its 191 cutter, which has a very high speed, you can do very fine engraving and carving work. Yes, the 4000 works as a great polisher and cleaner as well, with its four different options for polishing purposes, which you will find in the kits that come along with it.

There is one drawback to the use of Dremel 4000, and that is the heating up of the device. If you continue to use the device for long hours, it will eventually heat up, resulting in the wearing out of the machine. 


  • 1.6 amp motor 
  • Adjustable speed 5000 RPM and 35000 RPM 
  • EZ Twist nose cap 
  • Offers a variety of kit options 
  • Comfortable grip 


  • Maximum speed of up to 35000 RPM 
  • Easy to control 
  • EZ Twist nose cap 


  • Heats up over extended use  

Compare Dremel 3000 vs 4000

Final Thoughts on Dremel 3000 vs 4000

Based on the features, pros, and cons, both the products are undoubtedly efficient and versatile. Choosing between these products largely depends upon your needs. So here is our verdict based on each significant feature that might reflect your needs and purchase decision.  

In Terms of Power

If we talk about figures, the Dremel 4000’s motor surely works at a higher Amp of 1.6 as compared to 3000, which performs at 1.2 Amp. If you need a machine with the more electric current, then the 4000 is best for you, and if you do not desire such a high rate of current, then you can opt for the 3000 as well. If you consider the Dremel 3000 vs 4000 vs. 4300, then the model 4300 has the highest Amp of 1.8. It all depends on the needs of the customer and what type of machine they are looking for. Different currents and voltages are required for different purposes.

In Terms of Speed

In comparison, the Dremel 4000 has a maximum speed of 35000 RPM, as compared to the 32000 RPM top-speed of the Dremel 3000. If you are someone who has to work projects that require higher speed, then surely the 4000 model is a much better option for you. Otherwise, the 3000 has a very decent top-speed as well and will get you very fine results.

In Terms of Ease

In this respect, regarding ease of use, there is tough competition between both of the devices. The Dremel 3000 and 4000 are both very comfortable to use and popular among customers. However, if you don’t have much experience with rotary tools, then it is better to go with the Dremel 3000. That provides all the required options but at a lower cost.  

Other Options

There is the whole world of rotary tools out there. So you are not restricted to Dremel 3000 and 4000 only. If you are willing to explore more variety, you can have a look at the other models by Dremel, like the 4300 or 8220. The brand offers a wide range of rotary tools, with a lot of different speed ranges, making it easy for you to choose the device that matches your needs to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase in the long term. 

Rotary Motors Buying Guide

Before laying your hands on any rotary tool, have a look at the following buying guide to be able to make a good purchase decision. 


Firstly, you have to see how much power the device is offering and make sure you also know how much power you need for your work. Do not opt for a device that provides power lower or higher than you need. If the power is too high, then you will not be able to handle the machine and end up destroying your work, and if the power is too less, you will get frustrated because the machine will not be able to give you the result you desired.

Speed Variability

Secondly, you need to keep in mind the speed that each device is offering. Some users, who are involved in tasks of different types, they will need wider speed variability. It depends a lot on the type of work you are doing. If you are cutting through a metal object, you will need a very high speed. If you are polishing a surface, then you need a device with a lower speed. It all depends a lot on what suits your needs, the type of work you have to do, and the kind of results that you want to get from your rotary tool. 

This is very important, as not keeping in mind your requirements will end in you buying the wrong device for you and getting frustrated by the results. Each factor is very important when considering the rotary device of your choice. If you are considering speed, for example, and you aim to buff your cars paint job and make it shine, then using a high-speed machine at maximum speed on your car will jeopardize everything.


Thirdly, ease of use is a very important aspect because you need a device that you can easily handle and provides you with comfort during your work. The grips need to be strong and firm so that you stay safe during your work.

 If you are a beginner or are new to using tools, you should purchase the device that is as easy to operate as possible. Other heavier devices are more suitable for advanced professionals who work on heavy-duty projects and need to work for longer intervals of time. 

Therefore, in this aspect too, it depends on your requirements. It is very important to keep this in mind before your purchase because surely you do not want to bring home a device that you have difficulty in using, handling, and understanding its use. 

Attachments and Accessories

Lastly, both of the devices come with a wide range of kit options, each of which includes a large number of accessories and attachments that you can use according to your needs and comfort. 

Make sure you keep these factors in mind while making your decision and also have an accurate realization of your experience with tools and the level of work that you do. If you are professional, then the quality of your work is what will bring you your earnings, and for quality work, you need a high-quality rotary tool that complements your work ethic. 

For do-it-yourself users, both devices are great. You can read this article again if you are still confused about some of the information.


Overall, both the Dremel 3000 vs 4000 are great devices, but the 3000 comes with a little less power, speed variability, and kit options. Other than that, they are both perfect for all kinds of sanding/grinding, engraving, cutting, and polishing tasks. You can choose whichever of the two devices you think is best suitable for your needs. Surely, Dremel will not disappoint you at all, and the machines will stay with you for a very long time. Have a great time working!


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