Product Review: Celestron VistaPix Digital Camera

Celestron VistaPix Digital Camera

Review Of Celestron VistaPix Digital Camera

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”

Celestron VistaPix Digital Camera: I am a nature lover and enjoy going outdoors to find relaxation and excitement. My digital camera always goes with me but there are times that it just doesn’t cut it. When I see eagles high up in their nest or a mountainous peak that radiates a majestic atmosphere then my camera can not possibly capture it no matter how far I zoom in.

If you are like me and want a clear shot of the intended target then I suggest the Celestron VistaPix Digital Camera. It is a small, lightweight pair of binoculars that also doubles as a digital camera. The directions are easy to read and comprehend. The camera works just like all the other digital cameras as far as plugging it right into the port on your computer and downloading the images straight onto your screen. From there you can choose to edit or print or save to a disc. Everything is the same.

Celestron VistaPix Digital Camera

One of the cooler things that this little digital camera can do is record up to two-minute sessions of video. This can come in very handy when you see something spectacular like an eagle diving into the water for a fish, or a whale jumping out of the sea, or a shark catching its prey. When recording, the images will be super close as if you are right there only feet away. This is a brilliant way to capture the essence of nature. A video like that can be sold or put on your personal website as a trophy of sorts. Think of all the breathtaking videos you can shoot from far away.

My daughter and husband love to use this digital camera at concerts to get clear ‘in your face’ pictures and get solid moments on video for their personal collections. So, if you too are a concert fiend then you may want to look into this product for your enjoyment as well.

Celestron VistaPix Digital Camera

Regardless of what your hobbies consist of you may want to look into purchasing this pair of Celestron VistaPix Digital Camera for whatever your life may hold. After all, this is much more than an ordinary digital camera. Imagine all the fun you can have with it. I personally love mine and would recommend it to anyone! My Celestron VistaPix goes with me everywhere now because I never know just when something amazing might happen.

What would you use it if you had one?


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