Product Review: Casio Exilim Digital Camera is a Quality Camera

Casio Exilim Digital Camera

Features of Casio Exilim Digital Camera:

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality”

If you are looking at buying a quality camera for casual use, this quick review is for you.

Time to buy a camera?

I have been in need of a quality camera for a long time. Recently I have gifted a Casio Exilim Digital Camera, and could not be more pleased. In my excitement, I have had several opportunities to test out all of the features of importance to me. Gone are my former hassles with outdated cameras and poor quality photos (if they turned out at all). You are going to love this camera, too.

Comparing camera needs

You will need to consider my camera needs compared to your own needs when reading my review. However, I am probably as close to the average person you will find. If you are like me, your goal isn’t to become the best photographer: you just want all the basics, you want the basics to work well, and you want to be able to jump right in without much of a learning curve. The Casio  Digital Camera is just that: a great entry-level camera.

Casio digital camera

Sleek & slim design

If you don’t like to tote around a massive amount of anything when you go anywhere, you will like the Casio Exilim’s sleek design (about one inch wide but long enough to balance and handle taking great photo’s) with a handy carrying case that clips onto your belt.

All the standards of modern camera convenience

I tested out a more expensive Sony Cybershot today and the Casio matched it in every way I could tell (or desire): with 1) a comparable viewing screen in back; 2) a nice menu to navigate; 3) quality photos (the zoom-in is good); 4) a neat video taking capability; 5) an easily inserted rechargeable battery; 6) a good 1 GB of memory card; 7) a nice USB port that transfers images simply to your computer (and products like Adobe Photoshop); 8) a place to screw in a tripod, if desired.

Both cameras were equipped with all these standard modern eases of today’s digital camera technologies, but the main perk to a Casio Exilim was again its even more slimmed-down practicality. Unless you are a professional photographer, I’m assuming amateurs will prefer the Casio Exilim mostly because we prefer the least amount of bulk in the Casio Exilim Digital Camera equipment we have to lug around, without losing quality to comparable cameras like the Sony Cybershot.

Casio digital camera

Highly Recommended

There you go a quick review of the advantages of buying a Casio Exilim Digital Camera. I hope you find the affordability, reliability, and the tote-ability to be all you need to enjoy capturing memories, uploading images on your computer or getting them printed out at a place like Costco, and maybe even creating projects or blogging.

Whatever the pastime, I’m sure there are a lot of great digital cameras out there that would meet your needs; the Casio Exilim Digital Camera is the one I have had enough exposure with to recommend; it is meeting my needs for clear and sharp photo images.


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