Product Review: Canon HG10 High Definition Camcorder

 Canon HG10 High Definition Camcorder:

 Canon HG10 High Definition Camcorder:

With a max price of about $1000, the Canon HG10 certainly pushes itself to the top of the market in terms of price. The question always remains – how the image quality? Is it worth to call itself a Canon HG10? Is the quality something you could justify spending a $1000 on?

“It’s supposed to be automatic, but actually you have to push this button ”

The Canon HG10 digital camcorder features an internal hard drive, a plus over their mini DV models they’ve exclusively hosted up until now, and records in true high definition, something many camcorders claim but fail to live up to. If you’re in the market for a high definition camcorder and think the HG10 might work for you, read on. Below is a full review of the camcorder inside and out, and a list of possible issues you need to be aware of.

Canon HG10 High Definition Camcorder


This camera has many features. It records in true HD, which is 1940 x 1080 (1080i). The video is shown as widescreen, however, so it is automatically down-converted to AVCHD – there’s no loss in quality.

The zoom is what appears to be Canon HG10 favorite settings – 10x optical zoom and 200x digital zoom. The sensor is CMOS and the stabilization is optical, which makes for better steady shots. There’s a built-in flash and still photo mode, so you can take some snapshots of things you see that you like.

The HG10 has the standard pre-programmed modes and white balances but has also included a few special effects, which makes playing around with shots more fun.

There’s the standard component/composite out, and the battery is an internal lith-ion that is charged in-unit.

Video Quality

The quality from the canon HG10 is very good – better, in fact, then it’s the more expensive brother, the HV20. Low light video is good, and daylight/bright light video is excellent. The colors are very close to being natural, the saturation is good but not overdone, and the sound with the videos is clear and even.


There’s no manual focus control, unlike previous models which happily sported it. The design itself is hard to use at times and makes tasks that should be simple quite bothersome. The thumb can only stretch so far, but Canon seems to have forgotten this.


The video quality with the camcorder is excellent. The colors are vivid but real, the audio is clear, and the pixels are sharp. Of course, there has to be a downside, however, and that’s with the design. Some of the buttons are laid out quite oddly, and this makes it difficult to control. If you’re considering purchasing this camcorder, I highly recommend you try it in-store before paying.

*Note: the following review comes from the writer’s personal experience as a proud owner of the Incase canvas sling sleeve for the Apple 15″ MacBook Pro laptop. The writer is not receiving payment from Apple or the Incase company.

After my recent purchase of Apple’s 15″ MacBook Pro hi-performance laptop, I quickly began to search for a protective case. As an on-the-go journalist and media professional, I tend to carry an assortment of small equipment with me at all times from ink pens and note pads to handheld recording devices and important documents.

Because of this, a typical, form-fitted, pocketless notebook sleeve was out of the question. However, after transitioning from a bulky, oversized laptop messenger bag in which I toted my former PC notebook, I decided to look for something a bit slimmer, modern and stylish that would both meet my need for storage room while simultaneously maintaining a discreet appearance.

The Incase Coated canvas sling bag was the perfect answer for my 15″ MacBook Pro storage and transportation needs. Lightweight and form-fitting, this bag is both a notebook sleeve and a messenger bag in one. The detachable messenger bag strap is outfitted with a comfortable shoulder pad and can be disconnected almost effortlessly. The entire bag is made from a protective cotton canvas material, which is then coated for superior weather resistance.

After spending over two-grand on a laptop, it’s only natural to want to protect it in every way possible. The Incase sling sleeve offers supreme protection for your MacBook Pro with a quilted cotton interior lining. Should you bump into something while toting your Mac, you won’t have to worry about your computer sustaining any damage.

When the messenger bag strap is detached, the remaining sleeve unit can be transported via two small handles located at the top of the sleeve. These handles are made from the same durable canvas material as the rest of the bag and are perfect for toting your Mac in an easy and convenient fashion.

On one side of the sleeve, you will find a velcro-attached flap that can be lifted to reveal two separate pocket compartments. One of these compartments is outfitted with two ink pen slots and a third larger slot, perfect for storing any larger Mac accessories. I personally found it to be a great pocket-slot for holding the $19 Apple wireless remote that I ordered as an accessory for my MacBook Pro, as well as the user’s manual and AppleCare documentation that accompanied my Mac.

Like me, you may additionally wish to store your Mac’s MagSafe power adapter and charging cords here as well. If you wish to transport your AC wall plug and power cord, I suggest neatly coiling them up and storing them in the document compartment pocket on the reverse side of the bag.

On the other side of the sleeve is a second storage compartment, this time designed to hold important folders or documents. Similar to the flap on the reverse side, this pocket can be opened and shut via a discreet velcro attachment as well. From the outside, the entire unit gives the illusion of being one slender, sleek, and slim case. The interior pockets are completely hidden from external view and are a part of the bag’s interior.

So if you’re looking for the perfect Canon HG10 High Definition Camcorderprotection for your 15″ MacBook Pro, you simply can’t go wrong with the Incase sling sleeve. This bag delivers the ultimate level of performance in protection, quality, and durability without compromising on style. I found mine at a local Best Buy retailer, but you may also choose to order one from the company’s official web site at: The Incase sling sleeve for the 15″ MacBook Pro rings in at around $80.


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