Boss DR 670 Dr. Rhythm – Product Review

Boss DR 670 Dr. Rhythm - Product Review

Boss DR 670 Dr. Rhythm

“I would define, in brief, the poetry of words as the rhythmical creation of beauty.”

Boss DR 670 Dr. Rhythm lived in a family of musicians. My dad plays keyboard and guitar. My brothers both play guitar and bass. I also play the guitar and Bass. Unfortunately for us, we have never been able to jam because we have no drummer in the family.

It is pretty sad that so many musicians with so much talent can’t really operate together because there is nobody to provide the percussive rhythm station needed to keep in time and feel legit.

Boss DR 670 Dr. Rhythm

Since we live in a small town, there were never really any drummers that we could count on or that were really good enough to keep up with what we were trying to do. At first, we decided that one of us was just going to have to pound the drums and start playing them constantly in order to become competent at the instrument. Boss DR 670 Dr. Rhythm tried for several months and so did my brother.

Features of Boss DR 670 Dr. Rhythm:

We never really felt confident in our abilities and just decided we were going to have to find some other way to get what we needed. Having worked in a music store for a long time, I knew of some software that customers bought from time to time that provided drum programming.

We did not really want to program through a computer since all we had were desktops. If we owned laptops, this might be pretty cool because, with a couple of cables, we could run it directly through the PA. One day, I asked the store owner if he knew of any manual drum machines. I felt foolish when he gave me his response.

I should have known that Boss would have something for this. They always seem to have great products for weird binds that bands and musicians seem to get themselves into. Everything from digital recording studios that are the size of a calculator to intense loop stations for live layering and accompaniment to this drum machine. The Boss DR 670 Dr. Rhythm is an awesome package.

This thing has hands-on input so you can actually enter the beat you hear in your head by directly translating it through the interactive board on the top of the box. This is both affordable and expressive. There are 200 different patterns that can be used for drum sounds. With 200 virtual drum kits, you are guaranteed to find one that sounds appropriate for your work.

Boss DR 670 Dr. Rhythm

Check out this drum programmer from Boss and prepare to be amazed!


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