What Are Climbing Shoes?


What Are Climbing Shoes?

“Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.”

A climbing shoe is a type of rock climbing footwear. They have a unique design with a close fit, minimal padding, and a sticky rubber sole with an extended rand. They are not suitable for walking or hiking. Climbers wear these shoes at the base of a climb.

What Are Climbing Shoes?

As a beginner, it is essential to find the most appropriate shoe; otherwise, you may even give up climbing! The outdoor gear lab is a popular and reputed site when it comes to all kinds of climbing gear. Here we list the top four climbing shoes and give you the pros and cons of each pair.

  1. The Best Overall: La Sportiva Kataki

Fantastic Design for Versatility

This shoe is a favorite with all kinds of climbers because it is perfect for edging, cracks, and even bouldering! Their shape may seem a bit radical initially, but it is a shoe. They perform well in all kinds of terrains, be it granite or stone. A climber can get a toe hold even in the narrowest of cracks. It has a speed lacing system and sock-like tongue, which makes it comfortable to the wearer. Its platform is stiff yet sensitive.


  • Low volume toe supports your big toe and allows great edging experience
  • The stiff platform reduces fatigue while taking on more intricate climbs
  • Its design with S-shaped heel and speed lacing system is an added advantage


  • Not very comfortable for all-day climbs

A top quality shoe with a great design! Its stiff platform is strong and sensitive at the same time, making it a great combination.

2.      Best for Edging and Sensitivity: La Sportiva Genius

Innovative Design with Good Support

This shoe boasts of some great innovative technology and design. It has a very modern and advanced feel. It offers excellent edging with support and precision while at the same time, a wearer can feel every centimeter of the climbing surface. It is excellent for granite climbing, where there are only small edges and toeholds. It performs well on steep climbs as well. Most climbing shoes are sensitive and soft, but this shoe takes it one step further.


  • Incredibly sensitive and supportive to your feet
  • It fits like a glove thanks to its offset lacing
  • it has Vibram XS Grip 2 rubber sole


  • It is an expensive shoe, but it is worth every penny

A great product with great features! Its revolutionary no-edge concept gives it incredible support and sensitivity. The P3 midsole gives a responsive feel.

3.      Best Value for Money: Butora Acro

Highest level of comfort with stability

This shoe has high-quality construction and is a favorite among people trying sport climbing and bouldering. Its design is perfect for people with wider feet, and they find a lot of comforts. It is stiff yet very sensitive, with good edging, support, and stability. It is excellent on limestone as well as granite. Its exclusive Neo Fuse rubber sole is unique and can take on any climbing challenge. The best part is probably the fact that all this quality comes at a very affordable price.


· High performing and comfortable shoe with Neo Fuse rubber sole

· Great toe hooking possible due to its sticky rubber uppers

  • Great quality and technology at a very reasonable price


  • Some people feel there is extra room in the heel cup

This is a fantastic product for its price and is ready the minute you take it out of the box! It is excellent for people with wider feet who otherwise have to wear tight shoes and bear the pain.

4.      Best for Traditional and Crack Climbing: La Sportiva TC Pro

Top-quality product with great features

These shoes are designed by a top-class professional, and it shows in the quality and comfort level of the shoe. Its P3-midsole is stiff and provides excellent support in all kinds of conditions. It is a specialized product and is perfect for traditional climbing as well as for slightly wider cracks. Its pointed toe can help you balance on even very small features with ease. The toe is almost flat and can fit perfectly in cracks allowing you a lot of freedom.


· Great support even on long climbs

· High-top ankle protection

· It has a Vibram XS Edge sole for excellent stability


· These are a bit expensive but worth your money

These are great shoes for traditional as well as crack climbing. The shoe feels sensitive and yet offers stiffness to the forefoot. Very comfortable on your feet even after long hours of climbing!


It is rightly said that ‘climbing is a sport, where gravity is your foe and friction is your friend’! The right pair of shoes will make all the difference. It is not easy to find the perfect pair! You need to take into account many factors ranging from your weight to the features on the climbing surface.

What Are Climbing Shoes?

Whether you are climbing indoors or outdoors, look for a pair of shoes that offer you the best in comfort, stability, quality, and performance. We have given you information about 4 different climbing shoes, which are all great in their unique ways. Please spend some time on choosing the right pair so that climbing is as enjoyable as it is meant to be!

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