Easy Methods To Stretch Climbing Shoes


Easy Methods To Stretch Climbing Shoes

“If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail.”

To Stretch Climbing Shoes: Rock climbing sneakers must have a tight grip as you have to go up the rocky cliffs. The traditional aspect is that these sneakers have to be tight enough with a snug fit.

Easy Methods To Stretch Climbing Shoes

You bought a set of climbingStretch Climbing Shoe sneakers that are quite small. And you end up getting blisters, bruises, and bunions when you wear them. That’s when you are aware that tight can be way too tight.

At times it is too late to return the pair and get a new one. What do you do in such situations?

Stretch your sneakers!

If you’re not able to wear your shoes for more than 10 minutes, then you know that they’re too tight. Here we have various ways in which you can stretch your climbing Stretch Climbing Shoes footwear to attain the best results.

Methods Of Stretching Your Climbing Sneakers

Wondering what the best ways to stretch your sneakers without damaging them are? Read on to find some of the useful and standard methods. Also, note that these methods are applicable for leather climbing Stretch Climbing shoe sneakers and not suitable for synthetic models.

  1. Using Socks And Hair Dryer:

Have you ever tried filling up your food gears with socks? This is an excellent way by which you can loosen up your shoes by stuffing it with washcloths, socks, and other materials.

Stuff it fully with socks.

Here you will have to rollup socks and push them into your climbing gear. Try to stuff as many socks as possible till every inch is fully pushed against the frame. As you stuff the socks inside, you will notice that the footwear is stretching to fit it all in.

Heat slightly using a hairdryer.

Some say that you can place your sneakers in the microwave to heat it slightly. However, that method will result in disaster. Try using a hairdryer, or you can leave it in direct sunlight for 2 – 3 hours. The hairdryer method works faster. Here you can increase the heat and dry the footgear for 2 minutes. Remember to spread the heat evenly over the entire sneakers.

Check if the sneakers are warm before you proceed to the next step. Do not focus the heat on one point of the shoe for an extended period. This is because if its thin rubber, it can melt and cause damages.

Stuff more socks while it’s still warm.

When the sneakers are warm enough, they will be stretchable, and you can put more socks in. After this, allow the shoes to cool down along with the socks stuffed inside. This enables the footwear to stretch and attain a form as per the fabric within. When the sneakers have cooled down and are safe to touch, gently take the socks out and try the shoes. See if it fits perfectly as per your size. If you feel comfortable, then you have successfully got the job done.

  1. Wear In The Shower:

This method is usually used by experienced climbers. They usually soak or wear their sneakers in the shower before a climb. You can do this without damaging the shoes and attain maximum stretch.

Wear your socks and put your shoes.

Before you soak your footgear, it’s advisable to pull in a pair of socks. This gives you enough padding and maximizes the stretch. After wearing the sock, put the sneakers on and lace them firmly.

Go into the shower with the sneakers.

It may seem weird initially. Well, that’s precisely what expert climbers do when they wish to stretch their footwear slightly. Remember to use hot water while you shower and allow the water to get into the footgear. See to it that every single fabric to the rubber soles is completely soaked in water.

To stretch more, walk with the soaked footwear.

The warm water will do it’s work perfectly and loosen up your sneakers. You may wish to walk around and wiggle and twist your foot in all directions for max stretch. The longer you walk with the wet sneakers, the faster it will stretch out

As per expert advice, climbing in slightly wet footwear will stretch them out entirely. This method will mold the sneakers to your feet as you climb. Note that if it’s too wet, it may become slippery.

Remove and stuff the sneakers with paper.

Stuff lots of newspaper into the shoes filling up all the space. This will keep it loose and prevent it from tightening back.

  1. Put Them In The Freezer.

Though it may take more time, it offers the best stretch possible. Freezing will stretch the toe well, but the remaining area may bounce back as it’s made of rubber.

Fill zipper bags with water.

Fill the plastic bags with sufficient water to fit inside your shoes. Make sure that the bags are not filled as you will be placing multiple bags inside the sneakers. Remove the excess air and seal the bags and place them within the footwear. Make sure that there’s no space. Once done, place the sneakers well. Remember that the shoes have to be fully packed with water bags.

Put inside the freezer.

Freeze the footgear with the water bags inside for a minimum of 8 hours. Leaving them overnight is best before you climb. Remember to remove them within 12 hours to avoid damages.

Take from the freezer and thaw.

Wait for half an hour before you pull the bags out. Once it melts a little, you can take them out easily. Now your sneakers will be slightly wet. You can warm them before you put them on. This may take around 1 – 2 hours before you can use it. When it’s fully thawed, wear them to see if it fits appropriately. You will find that it’s stretched perfectly.

Wrap Up

Stretching your climbing shoes is not a difficult task. By following the above methods, you can get a perfect fit. Whichever way you use, avoid overdoing it as it may damage your shoes.

Easy Methods To Stretch Climbing Shoes

Enjoy your next climb with the perfect fit!




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