Scarpa Origin – A Brief Review


Scarpa Origin – A Brief Review

“The only way to prove you are a good sport is to lose.”

Performance-oriented durable design

Scarpa Origin: Featuring easy to care suede exteriors, this pair of climbing shoes are all about comfort and climbing performance.

Scarpa Origin


Designed to elevate the climbing experience, these shoes come with a nice rubber sole that offers a good grip.

Therefore whatever be the kind of terrain that you wish to explore, these shoes have you covered. It works reliably for indoor bouldering experience.

While offering reliable protection to your feet with the full coverage design, this one also carries all-day comfort.

Intuitive design and choice of materials used in these shoes make them easy to break in. Therefore you do not have to worry about postponing your climbing sessions with these shoes. These shoes do not stretch much with use.

This comes as an added benefit in terms of longevity as these shoes stay snug for a long time. However, be careful about picking the right size when you buy them.

The slim toe box design with an added firmness helps protect the toes from impact and injury while climbing.

On the whole, these are comfortable shoes ready to use out of the box and come with flat soles for better predictability while climbing.


  • Double Velcro fastening makes it easy to put on and take off the shoes
  • Length of the Velcro straps offer comfortable adjustments
  • Reasonable pricing makes it an excellent choice for first-time buyers
  • Feels light in weight and therefore comfortable to wear for a long duration
  • The flat profile of the shoes enhance the comfort
  • Suede rubber combination doesn’t make your feet feel too warm


  • Doesn’t come with toe or heel hooks which avid climbers might need
  • The outer sole is not the most durable option if you would use these shoes often

As climbing shoes with comfort and practical design features, this one is reasonably priced and tough in construction too!

Scarpa Origin





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