Product Review: Riedell R3 Quad Speed Skates

Riedell R3 Quad Speed Skates

Riedell R3 Quad Speed Skates, When I first joined roller derby I hadn’t been on skates in years. I went down, joined a great roller derby team and started practicing.

“Before turning pro, I would never have just left my skates sitting in the locker room unattended”

I didn’t own my own Riedell R3 Quad Speed Skates, so I had to use the rentals at the rink. Every time I went to practice it felt as if it had still been years since the last time I was on skates. It were very hard on the inside, they ground away at the skin on the top of my feet as I skated and were very uncomfortable.

Everyone on the team told me I would improve much more once I had my own skates as long as I purchased a good brand. The brand the team recommended to me was Riedell R3’s.

My Experience On Riedell R3 Quad Speed Skates

Riedell R3 are men’s skates, so you’ll want to keep that in mind if you decide to purchase a pair, women should order one size smaller than their shoe size. They are made with a lot of padding on the inside.

In fact the first thing I thought when I tried them on was that they felt like I was putting on comfortable shoes. They just melted to my feet and fit perfectly. They feature ABEC-5 bearings, making them a very fast skate.

If they are a little too fast for you at first, you can tighten the wheels a little until you are ready for all of that speed! The boot is also bolted onto the plate rather than riveted, this is a huge plus. The Riedell R3 Quad Speed  also havePowerDyne Torq Lightweight Nylon Plates and Metal Double Action Trucks.

Riedell R3 Quad Speed Skates

Every time I went to practice and used the rental and mopping boards, I would come home with huge blisters. This wasn’t just in the beginning, it was after every single practice. In fact, it got so bad that they started becoming blood blisters on top of blisters, and so on.

I would go to sleep with my feet stinging and burning at night. Once I got my Riedell R3’s I was amazed! The very first time I participated in my two hour practice with my brand new skates was the first time I didn’t get a single blister.

Riedell R3 Quad Speed Skates

I felt like I was skating in a pair of comfortable shoes. These are a must for anyone that is taking up skating as a serious hobby.

You can get these skates online at for $99.00, they also come with a free skate key to adjust them.


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