Do you wear socks with climbing shoes? A Big Yes Or A Big No!!


Do you wear socks with climbing shoes? A Big Yes Or A Big No!!

 “I don’t count my situps. I only start counting once it starts hurting. ”

Many climbers have asked this question a number of times! When I first started to climb, it was only shoes and no socks for me. Everyone told me that the socks were a big no-no. However, I did notice a few climbers who always wore socks with their shoes. It is another matter that people generally sniggered behind their backs!

Do you wear socks with climbing shoes

Let me tell you now; I always wear socks while climbing. What made me change my mind? There were a few things like


  • Comfort: this was the topmost reason! Climbing shoes can get uncomfortable. Socks give you a cushion and make it easy on your feet.


  • Smell: anytime you wear shoes without socks, both your feet and shoes smell awful! Socks will prevent this, and you can always wash socks easily.


  • Sweat: any physical activity will produce sweat. Every time you wear shoes without socks, your feet come in contact with the old sweat, and chances of fungal infections are high.

Let me also tell you why some people don’t like to wear socks.

  • Tight Fit: climbing shoes should fit perfectly. Climbers like to feel every crack and crevice through their shoes. It does not leave space for socks.
  • Not Stylish: though it does not seem like a serious reason, it will surprise you to find out that this is probably the number one reason why people don’t wear socks.


  • Stuffy: some climbers find socks stuffy, especially in summers. They prefer chalk powder and go without socks.
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In my opinion, wearing socks or not should be a personal decision. One thing that you can do is try shoes both ways, with socks and without socks to see how it feels. Remember that you climb because you enjoy it! You can love it only when you are comfortable!! Make a decision keeping this in mind!



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