Cardio Kickboxing Gloves


Introduction: Cardio Kickboxing Gloves

“To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them.”

Cardio kickboxing Gloves is a fitness exercise which consists of the combination of martial arts and quick paced cardio. This fitness exercise is intense and not suitable for the light hearted. The cardio kickboxing exercise is a fitness session that drills the beginners and make the professionals want to do more. Cardio kickboxing helps to improve your stamina and your coordination. A cardio kickboxing class starts with a warmup which involves jumping ropes or the jumping jacks. These classes last for about thirty minutes or an hour depending on the type of class you have.

When training for cardio kickboxing, it comes with a combination of several punches such as uppercuts, jabs, hooks and crosses. With this cardio kickboxing workout, you get to work on your lower body with the help of some movements like front kicks, low kicks, knee strikes and roundhouse kicks. A cardio kickboxing class helps you to burn out calories, build up balance, improve your flexibility and coordination and also teach you some self defense skills that can be used when necessary. When attending a cardio kickboxing class, there are some certain things to do such as:

  • Wearing something comfortable to workout in. Dress the way you would dress for any normal fitness routine.
  • Bring along a bottle of water alongside a towel to clean you off; you can also bring along a new clothes to change to
  • You have to arrive about fifteen minutes early to your class, especially the initial class so you can make a brief introduction to your instructor.
  • Bring with you a boxing glove that fits comfortably.

For cardio kickboxing class, you need boxing gloves. There are several cardio kickboxing gloves available for the kickboxing classes. Here are some of the recommended cardio kickboxing gloves for beginners and professionals:

Cardio kickboxing gloves recommended for beginners and professionals

Century Strive Washable Cardio Kickboxing Boxing Glove – 10 oz

0z boxing gloves – Train fresh with Strive Cardio Kickboxing Gloves.

The century strive washable cardio kickboxing gloves have been designed to keep hands safe when in use. It comes easy to clean and can be washed with a machine. This kickboxing cardio gloves have print designs that don’t fade or crack. They can be easily dried with a drier without worrying about it ripping or wearing out.

Cardio Kickboxing Gloves


  • Easy wash with a machine
  • Specially designed to fit women’s hands
  • Comes with a variety of designs
  • Has a return policy


It is only available in one size

Everlast Elite Boxing gloves

The Everlast Elite boxing gloves consists of a two-layer dense foam for the absorption of shock. It come in 8, 12 and 14 oz sizes. They have been made specially for women. The glove comes with a natural shape that fits your hand shape which lets you perform a proper punching gesture and a wrap around hook to provide a safe fit. It has been designed to be used in sparring exercises and punch bag training. This Everlast Elite boxing gloves has a thumb Lok to protect your thumb. It is made with a premium synthetic leather which gives a lasting durability. The palm of the gloves is fully meshed which enables breathing space and comfort. An ever shield design to protect the wrist. It also enables protection during striking.


  • It is designed with premium leather
  • Comes with a mesh palm which enables breathability
  • Had a variety of colors to pick from
  • Return policy


  • Available in just two sizes

Ringside Pro Style Boxing Training Gloves Kickboxing Muay Thai Gel Sparring Punching Bag Mitts

This Ringside Pro Style Boxing Training kickboxing gloves is designed with a layered foam padding system which enables hand and wrist protection. They are made with a synthetic leather material that can be easily cleaned. This material is fully wrapped around the hook and loop closure which is placed on the thumb for safety. The boxing gloves are pre curved which gives comfort when wearing them. They are available in different colors.


  • Easy to wear
  • Premium synthetic leather that can be cleaned
  • Protective foam that has been molded
  • Varieties of styles to pick from
  • Return policy
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Affordable price


  • It comes in only two sizes

Sanabul Paw V.2 Gel the Perfect Cross Training Glove:

This Sanabul Paw V.2 Gel the Perfect Cross Training cardio kickboxing gloves has been designed to solve the problems of a traditional glove (hand wraps). They can function like boxing hand wraps and used without stress for circuit training, lifting and pull up bars. These cardio kickboxing gloves is great for striking. They can be used singlehandedly for work on mitts or can be inserted into boxing gloves to be used as hand wraps. They are breathable and ensures fast drying which prevents the moisture from ruining the hand wraps. It is made with neoprene material used in wetsuits. It keeps your hands cool while training and dries off any moisture till you’re able to wash them. These cardio kickboxing gloves have been designed to aid firmer grips. It has printed silicons on the palms to also give firm grips in barbells while training.


  • It can be used for several purpose training
  • Increased padding with gel for protection
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Return policy
  • Affordable prices
  • Comfortable and durable


  • It is different from the regular boxing glove

Everlast Pink Women’s Pro Style Grappling Training Glove

This Everlast Pink Women’s Pro Style Grappling Training cardio kickboxing glove is designed with synthetic leather and a great construction which enables the durability to last long and function properly. It is built with a wrist strap that supports and protects the wrists giving it a great fitting to your hands. These boxing gloves have been created with a new design which includes a polished glove padding which provides a great fitting to your hands and aids comfort and flexibility.


  • High quality premium leather
  • Advanced wrist protection
  • Advanced technology that keeps the gloves dry
  • Return policy


  • Comes in just one color

Nayoya Weighted Left- and right-hand weighted gloves weight 1 pound each.

They can be easily worn and taken off with its adjustable closure. They come with extra weight great for the addition of intensity to workouts without weighing you down. This glove gives your workout resistance and assists with hand speeds, endurance and coordination. It has abilities to tone your arms and shoulders as well as to strengthen them. It gives you great comfort.  They are easily fastened and don’t slip off your hands easily. The nayoya Weighted Left- and right-hand weighted gloves helps in the improvement of your cardio and conditioning. It can be used for kickboxing, brisk walks, boxing, treadmill routines and cardiovascular activities. These boxing gloves are easy to carry about without having to worry about extra weight or space. One size is fit for all


  • Gloves weigh one pound
  • A size fit all
  • Durability and comfort
  • Return policy


  • Just a color to pick from

Empower Weighted Gloves for Women, Kickboxing

The Empower Weighted Gloves for Women comes with a hands-free resistance to your physical activities which includes kickboxing, cardio workouts, walking and MMA training. It comes with an open palm four fingers design with a hook and loop wrist closure that is very adjustable. It gives your hands space to breathe and make tasks such as carrying a water bottle, leash, phone or anything else that can be carried easy to carry. The Empower Weighted Gloves for Women is very comfortable to wear. The weight is evenly distributed on your hand and stays there while you exercise.  It is designed with the ability to last for a long time. The gloves are sand filled gloves which have been made from a neoprene fabric that stretches and a double stitching.


  • The gloves weigh just a pound
  • Variety of colors to select from
  • Specially designed for women use
  • Return policy.


  • Available in just a size


The cardio kickboxing gloves mentioned above are one of the highly recommended cardio kickboxing gloves that can be used by beginners and also professionals. They are light weight, durable, comfortable and come with adjustable wrist straps to keep it from slipping off your hand when in use. The cardio kickboxing is a fitness exercise created to help in the improvement of balance, stability, flexibility and the burning of calories. It’s also teaches you self defense skills that you can make use of when you need to. There are certain guidelines to follow when enrolling for a cardio kickboxing class. It is advisable to dress comfortably and come with a bottle of water and a cardio kickboxing glove which is your size and comfortable to wear.


Getting the perfect cardio kickboxing glove is very important. You don’t want to get a glove that slips off your hand or is very uncomfortable for you to have on for a very long time. You have to make sure you check out all the features that suits you when picking out a cardio kickboxing glove.


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