Rei Womens Climbing Shoes – Best Climbing Gear For Ladies!


Rei Womens Climbing Shoes – Best Climbing Gear For Ladies!

“The only way to prove you are a good sport is to lose.”

If you are a woman in search of the perfect set of climbing sneakers, you are in the right place. Getting a woman’s footwear will allow you to harness your power well.

Women’s climbing Best Climbing Gear For Ladies! footwear is well designed to suit the anatomy of their feet. This makes it comfortable enough to wear while climbing rocky cliffs.

We here at Rei have some of the best options available for you. Choose the right one and make the next trip memorable.

Below we have a detailed review at some of the top options available.

  1. Affordable Choice: La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoes – Women’s.

Best suited for those having low volume feet.

La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoes - Women's

Are you a new climber hunting for the perfect footwear? Or a seasoned expert looking for an affordable option with all features? La Sportiva Finale is worth the value. These foot gears consist of unlined microfiber and leather upper.

The outsoles contain 5 mm of Vibram XS Edge rubber material. It offers sufficient grip on the edges of the wall and can handle heavy rock cliff climbs. The Powerhouse technology used by La Sportiva covers the foot using rubber.

This then further connects with the tensioned Slingshot rand. Hence when you cling small edges, the toe remains stable as the back of the sneakers stretches out. Finale is more focused on maintaining excellent comfort.

This is because beginners might get turned off if they feel uncomfortable wearing tight footwear right from the start.


  • Has excellent versatility making it proper introductory footwear.
  • High-performance gear that functions well in most terrains.
  • The lacing system gives a customized fit to your feet.
  • Suitable for climbing Best Climbing Gear For Ladies!vertical terrains.


  • As they have a narrow toe box, it is not suitable for high-volume feet individuals.

The finale is suitable for wearing for an extended period. The unique shape of the sole and the toe box makes it ideal for climbing small footholds.

  1. Suitable For Beginners: Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoes – Merlot – Women’s.

Works well as all-purpose footwork.Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoes - Merlot - Women'sDo you climb trails that have lots of smearing? Black Diamond Momentum is a go-to gear for such adventures. Momentum is a popular option among novice climbers to get them started at the crag.

It helps them to step into the next dimension of the climbing realm. The dual hook and loop tab design make it easy to wear and remove, especially while at the gym. They are available at a budget-friendly rate and offer the value of the price paid.

It has an engineered knit upper. The knit has a tight-fitting and gives sufficient support to your feet. It’s also loose in areas where your feet require enough airflow. This further ensures that your feet don’t become uncomfortable or sweaty after using for long hours at a stretch.


  • Suitable for both low volume and high volume footed individuals.
  • The flat last model allows the feet to stay in a neutral positioning.
  • Made using breathable fabrics.
  • Available in various sizes and ensures the perfect fit.


  • The upper starts cracking after a few extensive wears.

It won’t stretch beyond the limit due to the presence of synthetic uppers with microfiber and hemp liners. The outsoles have a sensitive and sticky feel as it contains 4.3 mm of Neofriction rubber.

  1. Best For Starters: La Sportiva Tarantulace Climbing Shoes – 2018 – Women’s.

It offers impressive and high performance to any climber.

Looking for a super comfy option as you plan for your next climbing expedition? La Sportiva TarantuLace would serve as a great companion to wear along. They are specifically designed for intermediate climbers.

The shape of the footwear is such that it won’t strain your toes to form a curl. This makes it pleasant to wear all day and for extended pitches.

Furthermore, it consists of soft and unlined leather material. As for the tongue, it’s designed with a synthetic pad that takes care of sweat. This ensures that your feet are dry always and keeps you from slippages within the sneakers.

This appears as a great comfort detail for extensive climbers. As a toe is not bulky, it provides sufficient sensitivity as you smear and search for small edges.


  • Available in various size options.
  • The quick lacing system regulates the inner volumes precisely.
  • Made using high-quality materials that durable.
  • Synthetic leather overlays provide sufficient support.


  • As it consists of unlined leather, the shoes stretch over time, making it lose.

TarantuLace has a long-lasting effect as the midsoles contain 1.8 mm of LaspoFlex material. As for the soles, it consists of 5mm of FriXion RS, which won’t wear away quickly.

Final Thoughts

Women’s climbing shoes have a lower volume to offer a snug fit for their small feet. However, as the shape and size vary, it essential to find the perfect fit to stay comfortable. REI has size charts that will help you choose based on your size requirements. Once you choose the right climbing sneakers, it’s sure to last long.

Rei Womens Climbing Shoes – Best Climbing Gear For Ladies!

Climb and attain higher goals by using our Rei sneakers!





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