Vents Helix Paintball Mask – Product Review

Vents Helix Paintball Mask - Product Review

Vents Helix Paintball Mask

“Poverty is a veil that obscures the face of greatness. An appeal is a mask covering the face of tribulation.”

The Vents Helix Paintball Mask is a great paintball mask. It is the second mask I have used and I don’t plan on using another one for a long time.

I got Vents Helix Paintball Mask about six months ago. I was looking around my local paintball store for a case of paint and when I saw the masks I realized I could use a new one. My old mask had a bunch of scratches on it and didn’t suit me well. I was looking around at the masks and saw the Vents Helix. I had no idea what this mask was like but bought it anyway. It even came in an OD green color which was great because I play a lot of woodsball. I can say that this was one of my luckiest “spur of the moment” purchases I have made.

Vents Helix Paintball Mask - Product Review

It is a very comfortable mask for paintball. It has spongy foam pads on the inside that feel very comfortable on your face. The protection area of the mask is great too. It comes with a visor and a lengthened bottom area to cover the neck from those nasty neck hits. Even though it has a long neck area, it still does not interfere with your range of motion. The visor is great too. Even though many masks have them, it has saved me from a headshot in a game. Although the coverage area is large, it still does not inhibit a wide field of vision or your range of motion.

The price is great for a mask of this quality too. You can easily find one for around $30 which is a pretty decent price for a mask. It comes in single and double lenses. The single lens is cheaper but I would recommend the double (thermal) lenses because they help prevent fogging.

Fogging is a paintballer’s worst nightmare. I once fogged up really bad with my old mask that I could barely see anything. It was a capture-the-flag game so I got a basic idea of where the flag was and ran towards it. I ended up running into a tree branch but still got to the flag. Double lenses help prevent this from happening. I have only mildly fogged up once with this mask and that was at the end of a full day of play.

The only bad thing I can say about this mask has to do with the spongy foam pads and the visor. When you sweat a lot during play, the comfortable pads collect all the sweat, so when you put the mask back on after taking it off, the sweat drips down your face which is quite disgusting sometimes. The visor can be a problem because when you take it off to clean your mask, it can be a real pain to put back on. Other than that, Vents Helix Paintball Mask is a great mask for any paintball player.

Vents Helix Paintball Mask - Product Review

Here are a few tips for any mask but can make this mask almost fog-proof. You can get Rain-X anti-fog and apply it to the inside of the lens for even further fog protection. Also, you can apply original Rain-X to the outside of the lens to easily wipe the paint off after you call yourself out. In conclusion, this mask is a great mask that rarely fogs up when treated well, is very comfortable, and offers great protection for any day of playing paintball.


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