Product Review of the North Face Women’s Denali Fleece Gloves

North Face Women's Denali Fleece Gloves

Product Review of the North Face Women’s Denali Fleece Gloves

Being prepared for winter is one of the most important things you can do. Many people are often ill-prepared for snowy and cold weather during the winter months. There are some important things you can do in order to be prepared though, one of those being having the right clothing and accessories for the cold weather. For me, one of the most important winter essentials is Denali Fleece Gloves. A good pair of gloves can keep your hands warm and toasty even in the worst of the weather. Many people opt for cheap gloves though, which can easily get wet from snow and cause hands to be even colder than before.

“My brother Shane and I used to spar with each other in the kitchen. We didn’t have gloves, so we wrapped tea towels around our hands.”

With winters dipping in the negative digits in Iowa during December and January, it’s important for me to have a great pair of gloves. I, like many other people, have gone out and purchased cheap┬áDenali Fleece Gloves and mittens only to be disappointed and freezing cold. Because of this, I knew I needed to invest in a great pair of gloves as soon as possible and I think I found the perfect pair for Iowa and Chicago winters.

 North Face Women's Denali Fleece Gloves

One brand that I always trust when it comes to quality products is North Face. I absolutely love their products and I’ve tried them numerous times before for clothing wear and camping trips. I’ve tried North Face items from sleeping bags to flip flops to tents to backpacks. A lot of my friends wear North Face winter gear and have had fabulous reviews about them. I figured that it would be a great idea to try out a pair of North Face gloves to see if they stood up against North Face’s other products when it came to quality.

I usually purchase online, so I hopped on to the North Face website at and began browsing through women’s gloves and mittens immediately. One North Face product that is extremely popular is the Denali fleece jacket. What many people don’t know is that North Face also has Denali Fleece Gloves as well, which are equally as stylish as the fleece jacket.

The North Face Women’s Denali Glove are cool weather fleece gloves made with midweight TKA 300 fleece and nylon Taslan at the fingers and knuckles for durability. To me, these seemed like the perfect pair of gloves, so I decided to purchase a pair in a size Large in black for $25. The North Face Women’s Denali Gloves come in sizes extra-small to large and come in black and four other different colors, which are all very feminine.

When I received the North Face Women’s Denali Gloves back in December, I immediately wanted to try them out to see just how warm they were. The first thing I noticed was how soft they were. Cheap gloves are often not very soft and are in fact very itchy and thin. These gloves were soft and thick and gentle to the touch, just like the North Face Denali fleece jacket. Secondly, as soon as I slipped on the gloves, my hands warmed up.

I’m used to freezing cold Iowa winters, so the North Face Women’s Denali Gloves definitely helped. Overall, throughout a 15-degree day, my hands stayed toasty and warm from start to finish, and I couldn’t have asked for more. I also got numerous compliments on my gloves, as they are indeed very stylish. When I got the gloves wet, they also didn’t seem to lose their warmth at all either. North Face Women's Denali Fleece Gloves

Overall, I would rate the North Face Women’s Denali Gloves a 5/5. They’re a stylish and warm pair of gloves that are great for cold winters. I would recommend them to anyone who loves North Face’s Denali fleece jacket or anyone searching for the perfect pair of gloves.


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