Product Review: The Crosman 2300S Air Gun


The Crosman 2300S is a 0.177 caliber single-shot air gun with no repeater. It can be used for silhouette competitions or just for fun. You can find the Crosman 2300S for an average price of $200. Let’s take a look at some of the other features offered by this air gun.

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It is equipped with a single-stage trigger. The air gun has an approximate trigger pull of four pounds. However, if this is too much for you, you have the option of adjusting the trigger pull down to one pound. The Crosman 2300S is also equipped with manual safety and an overtravel screw.

The Crosman 2300S Air Gun

It is powered by CO2 cartridges. One cartridge can provide enough power to get over 60 shots. The Crosman 2300S is also equipped with an adjustable hammer spring which allows you to switch between the two power levels. On the lower power level, the air gun can fire pellets up to 440 feet per second. It can fire pellets at approximately 520 feet per second on the high power level.

Features Of The Crosman 2300S Air Gun:

Another nice feature is the synthetic grip. The grip has a thumb rest on both sides. This allows you to useit whether you use your right or left hand to shoot.

It is equipped with a tall front post sight. The sight is located on the gun’s aluminum muzzle weight. It also has a rear Williams notch sight. The rear site allows you to hit your target accurately thanks to the crispy detent stops.

The rear Williams site is also equipped with target knobs to provide easy adjustment. The positive internal locks also allow you to adjust the site in micrometer increments. You will also like the fact that features an 11mm grooved receiver which allows you to mount a scope on the air gun.

The Crosman 2300S is lightweight as it only weighs 2.66 pounds. The air gun has an overall length of 16 inches, while the rifled barrel measures just over 10 inches long.

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If you’re looking for an air gun for competition use or just for target practice, you should consider buying it. One CO2 cartridge can provide enough power for over 60 shots. It also has a synthetic grip with a thumb rest on both sides so that the gun is compatible with both right and left-handed shooters.


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