Moon Gel for Drums – Product Review

Moon Gel for Drums - Product Review

Moon Gel for Drums:

“With horns and a full rhythm section, the drums always looked like the best seat in the house.”

Moon Gel is a product that has an almost identical purpose as drum rings. It is simply a blue square that is like Jell-O in texture and is very small. It reduces overtones and dampers’ noise to improve sound quality.

Any drummer who has played drums very long at all should have some product with this purpose, whether it is drum rings or Moon Gel. They both cost $8 to $10. Both products are available in most music stores as well.

The gel can be easily washed this soap and water. My advice is that the next trip you take to the music store, you ask someone in the percussion department about  Gel. It is an excellent way to improve sound quality without the hassle of large, plastic drum rings.

Moon Gel for Drums


Moon Gel is a product identical to rings almost, so you might ask, “What’s the advantage of  Gel over drum rings?” The answer is convenience. Drum rings are larger and run all the way around the edge of the drum.

This means that if you try a rim shot, the chances are that eventually, you will hit the ring instead of the rim. You will possibly snag onto the ring and pull it off, which would not go well in the middle of jamming with your band or in the middle of a gig.

With Moon Gel, which is much smaller, if you hit this product, your stick will just bounce off slightly, while the Gel remains on the drum. The stick will stick for a second, but you can continue to play easily.

Also, Moon Gel sticks to the drum which means it will hardly ever fall off. Another advantage is that, I’m not going to lie,  Gels look pretty cool. Small blue squares that make your drums sound better sounds like an excellent product, which it is.

How different are the differences?

Overall, the main idea to remember about choosing between these two products is their similarities. They both do the job just as well. But, if Gel is the same price as rings, why not change it up a bit? More convenience for the same price sounds like a good idea to me.

Moon Gel for Drums

So, I sure think that Moon Gel is worth it over rings. I personally use Gel, and it is much more convenient for me. When they get dirty, all you need is soap and water. You may disagree with me, but as for me, I like my convenience.


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