Men’s Windefyer Umbrella by London Fog: Product Review

Men's Windefyer Umbrella by London Fog

Men’s Windefyer Umbrella by London Fog: Product Review

Given my uncanny propensity to lose umbrellas, I used to buy the dollar store kind that broke whenever the wind blew. But then I saw one of these men’s Windefyer in action on a wet, windy day, and I was sold. Even though it costs around $20, the Windefyer is, without a doubt, the sturdiest and most reliable compact I’ve ever owned.

Although it’s not completely “windproof” as the makers claim, it won’t break, snap, or tear – even if it encounters the kind of strong winds and hail I made it through two weeks ago. Easy to manipulate and as attractive as a bag-sized black umbrella can be, the men’s Windefyer Umbrella by London Fog is large enough when open – and small enough when closed – to serve as your go-to protection from the rain, regardless of your gender.

“Don’t let the rain drive you to the wrong shelter; the shade can turn out to be your protector and also your destroyer, and sometimes the rain is the perfect protector from the rain.”

PROS of the Men’s Windefyer Umbrella by London Fog

РYou get the sturdiness of construction that comes along with a large, cane-handled  and the convenience and portability of a more compact umbrella. The Windefyer is just what you want in your purse, messenger bag, or vehicle.

– It comes in black, taupe, and navy: no crazy color options, but at least there’s a selection.

– The Windefyer opens easily, even in poor conditions. You don’t have to fidget with stubborn joints the way you might on a cheaper umbrella.

– It’s as close to windproof as you can get for an umbrella of this portability and price ($20). The fabric is well-attached to the metal, and the joints are sturdy. On only a few extremely windy occasions have the men’s Windefyer ever turned inside out, and even then, I was always able to flip it back to normal position and carry on.

At the point when other umbrellas would break or get torn, this one stays together. While not indestructible, this can weather the storm, so to speak. I’d liken it to special-spring eyeglasses that are designed to handle extra stress on the frames.

– The coverage of the extended about 45 inches in diameter.

Men's Windefyer Umbrella by London Fog

CONS of the Men’s Windefyer Umbrella by London Fog

– I bristle at the description of the Windefyer as a “men’s umbrella” because I think those gender distinctions are completely and utterly absurd. It does not take a penis to operate this thing (unless I’m doing it wrong), so I’d encourage both men and women to buy the men’s Windefyer. This is really my only complaint about the item, and it has more to do with the overly traditional marketing than with the awesome product itself.


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