Colored Lead Refills For Mechanical Pencils

Colored Lead Refills

Introduction: Colored Lead Refills For Mechanical Pencils

“Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.”

Mechanical pencil leads are traditionally known to be gray in color. Yes, traditionally. However, in real sense, there exist different colored leads refills that come in handy every time a designer, an artist, or just simply a curious doodler imagines of colors other than this dreary gray. These leads use the color pigments to derive their colors instead of graphite that always produces the gray pigments in the regular leads. Sometimes, miracles come in different shades and so do these colored lead refills!

Colored Lead Refills

After all, a little more color would undoubtedly embellish the finished product. In any case, most people love the finest things in life and that is what colored leads cultivate and bring to our attention.

And they look nice too. Well, that would certainly depend on your choice of colors and the kind of work you could be trying to achieve with those specific colored leads. Because of the ever growing interest in these colored mechanical pencil lead refills, the entire drawing industry is awash with different manufacturers, products and of course varying degrees of reliability, cost effectiveness, and plumage.

There exist eight different and distinct colors used for different pencil leads as illustrated below;

Artists have long used these colored pencil leads to put life in their artworks. Besides, the fact that artworks with lighter colors can be easily erased or actually with Photoshop while those with darker ones will still remain visible enough upon photocopying.

Either way, before settling on which model of the colored refills would be good for your work, there are a few considerations you will need to look into. These are;


The diameter of a pencil lead does not only determine its line size, it also influences the lead’s lifespan and the tendency to break or otherwise resist normal pressures of work. Normally, mechanical pencil leads range between 0.5mm to 0.7mm but can sometimes be as thick as 2mm or even more depending on the work at hand.

Colored mechanical pencil leads are known to be more fragile compared to the regular graphite ones. Regardless, for fine lines or producing finer details in a drawing, smaller tip and thus lead sizes would produce exceptional results as desired.

On the other hand, large diameter pencil leads, though stronger, will output less accurate drawings. Consequently, such leads will need to be sharpened more often than thin ones if indeed the quality of the finished drawing is an important factor.

The upside is, you will have the flexibility to draw lines of different thickness with the help of these wider leads. In other words, the wider the leads, the more the options in your drawing needs.


The greatest advantage pencils have over ink pens, is the ability to be easily erasable. While shopping for colored pencil leads, era’s ability must play a key role. But of course how one lead gets easily erased could depend on a number of factors including;

  • The lead composition – material used for its manufacture
  • Pressure exerted when the writing or drawing is being made.


Often times, a pencil lead may have to be drawn over. Now, if the colored lead is not soluble enough then this drawing over would appear like a scratch on top of the first lead mark.

Solubility is how much a colored lead would dissolve when in contact with liquid solvents such as alcohol based markers, ink or even just water. From a broader perspective, colored pencil leads range from being soluble, insoluble all the way too being resistant to liquids. Talk of dovetail mirror images to permanent markers but in a pencil print you would certainly be referring to the resistant colored pencil leads!

The solubility of each colored lead almost entirely depends on the formula used in its manufacturing process. And since these colored mechanical pencil leads are here to stay, here are just a few of our top pick to help you get the best from the market;

Pilot Color Mechanical Pencil Lead Eno

If you ever needed a sturdy and reliable colored mechanical pencil lead, take a breather and relax. Your search is over with this Pilot in charge. In fact, you have all your answers in this great Pilot Color Mechanical Pencil Lead Eno. Take a look;

Special Features

  • Come specially packaged depending on their colors.
  • Comes with a 0.7mm lead size consistent in all the supplies
  • Each color is shipped in one batch, each having three packs with each pack having 10 leads colored as identified on their pack tops
  • Each batch retails at USD 7.68 and is found on Amazon
  • Each pack weighs 0.8 ounces and measures 3.1X0.3X2.5 inches


  • Since it is available online, you can shop and order for it from anywhere and get it shipped to whatever destination you prefer around the world
  • Considering the lead diameter of 0.7mm, you can comfortably use it to draw lines using a ruler or any straight object without breaking it.
  • Different colors available just for your preferred artworks, doodling and actually for the professional drawings too.
  • With 10 leads per pack, you get the value for your money both in quantity and just as much in quality


  • An option of selecting each pack per preferred color would be more convenient and cost effective for the buyer than having 30 leads of the same color only to go for another 30 of a different color especially if one needs several colors to complete the project at hand.
  • The lead is relatively soft and thus if not used in mechanical pencils with properly fitting tip, any slight wobbling would break the lead.

Uni Mechanical Pencil lead Nano

This is yet another revolutionary idea of a colored mechanical pencil lead. Quite frankly, this Uni Mechanical Pencil lead precisely delivers with full generosity what other leads fail to offer. Perhaps, speculating how the suppliers must have indeed worked hand in hand with the manufacturers just to deliver a practical solution to spoil you with real options may not necessarily be a bad thing. Chances are, that is what happened!

In fact, just a single order will practically help u meet all of your drawing needs. Be it a particular color you desire or an extra supply of the most often used lead, you just need to order for it and there it is in no time! Here is what you will get when you order for this type of lead;

Special Features

  • These leads unlike other regular ones come already secured against common breakages having been infused with Nano-diamond particles
  • The leads are easily erasable on most of the surfaces including notebooks as well as drawing and sketching books.
  • With a single order, a total of 160 colored leads will be delivered to you in 8 different packets- each packet for a different color of leads carrying 20 pieces per pack!
  • Be sure to receive 8 packs with 20 colored leads each for each of the following colors: – Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Lavender, Mint Blue, Orange and then that unique mix!
  • All these sturdy leads are 0.5mm thick each
  • With a single order, you also get a MIYABI stationery store original gift package at no extra cost!
  • Each pack weighs 1.6 ounces and measures 5.9X3X0.6 inches
  • First manufactured on June 3dr 2018.
  • A whole pack of 160 colored leads retails at USD 16.99


  • With this order you will receive a consignment consisting of all the 8 colors mostly preferred in most of the drawing- both artistic and professional
  • Since the leads come reinforced with Nano-diamond, they are secured against common breakages
  • The fact that this type of colored leads is readily available online also means that you can shop for it in the comfort of your home and receive them from anywhere around the world as you otherwise prefer.
  • The total number of 160 pencil leads is quite a sufficient number that ensures you complete your work as hassle free as possible. After all, you will be having all that you need to get it done right the very first time!
  • With a lead size of 0.5mm, this lead can comfortably fit in most of the mechanical pencil tips. You one does not have to be worried about the tip size compatibility.

Colored lead refills for mechanical pencils


  • The entire consignment may be slightly pricy but for a total of 160 colored leads, if properly taken care of, you will certainly get the value for your money ultimately
  • With 0.5mm lead size, a number of mechanical pencils with bigger tip sizes may practically be ruled out. This thus may limit the kind of mechanical pencils one may use. Otherwise, bigger tip sizes may subject the lead to wobbling and thus potential breakages.

Paper Mate Clearpoint Colored Lead refill

Using a colored lead should not constrain you to non-erasable drawings. That is why the Paper Mate Clearpoint colored leads stand out now that for every order you place, the packaging also includes a bonus of 3 jumbo erasers at no extra cost to you. After all, a good drawing may need to undergo several modifications for it to get there. Nonetheless, this deal simply gets better. Have a look at this;

Special Features

  • Comes with 18 leads colored Red, Blue and Green in batches of 6 per color alongside 3 jumbo eraser refills!
  • The leads are 0.7mm in size and come in quite handy particularly when you want to perfect your work without any blemish.
  • Weighs 1.12 ounces and each pack weighs 0.3X3.8X7.6 inches
  • The lead is of a HB hardness and delivers a 0.7mm line thickness
  • Goes for USD 7.40


  • For a 3 pack of 6 leads each and a bonus of 3 jumbo erasers, you will get an all in one drawing solution
  • Since it retails online you can order for it any time and at your convenient place
  • Ships worldwide; as expected, this is not just convenient, it is awesome too!
  • The lead size of 0.7mm is thick and strong enough to withstand standard writing or drawing pressure just to help you achieve your goals without breaking as many leads


  • This option may limit you to the only available lead colors of Red, Blue and Green without an option for you to select a different color from these 3
  • The leads are particularly recommended to work best using the Paper Mate Clearpoint mechanical pencils still limiting your flexibility in choosing which type of pencil you may prefer using instead.

Tupalizy erasable colored Leads

If you are in need of pocket friendly colored leads and would wish to use just about 6 different colors for your work, this lead would come in fairly handy. At just an affordable rate, this is what you will be getting;

Special Features

  • Comes with 10 boxes each containing 12 lead refills which are sturdy and 0.7mm in diameter and 60mm in length per piece
  • Boasts of 6 different colors per box i.e. Red, Violet, Green, Blue, Yellow and Rose pink
  • Weighs 4.8 ounces and measures 3.6X3.1X0.1 inches


  • A whole set of 120 colored refills, 0.7mm in diameter and still goes for just USD 6.59? This is really awesome!
  • The leads are good for use in sketching, writing, editing, drawing color coding, engineering drawing markups, doing puzzles and quite a host of other options! This is really cost cutting indeed
  • Since it is found online, this kind of pencil leads can easily be purchased online and as a matter of fact, conveniently shipped anywhere around the world.
  • The 0.7mm thick leads when sharpened, could be used to draw different line sizes to your preference
  • These leads are strong enough to be used to draw lines using a ruler for they won’t easily break
  • They are easily erasable and thus easy and tidy to work with.


  • If not properly sharpened, the 0.7mm leads are thick enough to leave a smudge on your paper as you work.
  • The color may be too light and the leads could break easily if not well taken care of.


Colored mechanical pencil leads range come naturally with different erasabilities. But how easily the work gets erased could vary in importance partly on the basis of different career bias. A doodler would not perhaps care much about completely erasing the markings unlike the Accountant or an Architect who would prefer a complete erasure of the particular piece.


I would recommend you go for such leads to refill your mechanical pencils when running low on you budget yet you have to complete your work. So go for it.


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