ABS vs Polycarbonate Luggage

ABS vs Polycarbonate Luggage

Introduction On ABS vs Polycarbonate Luggage

“I travel without barely any luggage. Just a second set of underwear and binoculars and a map and a toothbrush.”

 ABS vs. Polycarbonate luggage: know the different key features…As years go by, different designs, functions and materials for luggages are fast rising. In most cases, we find it really difficult to make a choice of the right luggage to buy for travels. If you’re the type that like hard side luggage, what type of luggage should you get? “ABS vs. Polycarbonate luggage” It is well known that ABS and Polycarbonate materials are the very common types of plastic materials used in making luggages. The polycarbonate can highly resist impact unlike the ABS materials which makes its suitcases stronger and more expensive in terms of price. The ABS are less expensive unlike polycarbonate and are likely to be very heavy and not long lasting. The abs vs polycarbonate has been designed to have high resistance for shock, pressure and others, especially the polycarbonate material. Below is a detailed explanation of the features of an ABS vs Polycarbonate Luggage and some luggage samples made out of these materials.

ABS vs Polycarbonate luggage

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)


ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is formed with the blending of three different plastics. They are: styrene, acrylonitrile and butadiene.

  • he acrylonitrile makes the ABS very resistant to heat and a chemical reaction. It comes with a kind of surface hardness.
  • The higher elastic degree and toughness is produced from the butadiene.
  • The parts that form the molding and processing features and the improvements of the electrical properties is formed by the styrene.

The ABS plastic material is rigid, tough and hard which is easily available, comes with great comprehensive performance a less expensive price. Apart from suitcases, this material has been used for electrical, automobiles, ship, aircraft, electrical, textile and other manufacturing and chemical industries.

In the world of hard shell luggage industry, the ABS luggage is the least expensive and the least durable material. In most cases, manufacturers tend to combine the ABS material with other materials to make it strong.



The polycarbonate material is tagged as an amorphous thermoplastic which contains a lot of features that makes it a good choice material for hard side luggage. It is formed with a high degree of impact resistance and hardness. These features make the luggage durable. It is highly transparent making it easy to be made into various shapes and colors. The elasticity of this material is high therefore bouncing back to its original state easily when bent or dented. Due to its light weight features, it is popularly used to make luggages which gives it the ability to take in more clothing without having to worry about weight limits on flights. The polycarbonate material is also fireproof. It can’t be broken easily and it comes with a higher level of strength.

Some famous brand luggage are using this material like Samsonite, Delsey, Traveler’s choice.

Price and usage

ABS Vs Polycarbonate luggage

Depending on the features, it’s possible to assume that polycarbonate luggage is the best choice with a price that is on the high side unlike the pure ABS.  A complete ABS luggage price is close to that of a medium sized polycarbonate luggage. A proper and well designed polycarbonate luggage can never be less than $100.  If you’re the type that travels a lot then the polycarbonate luggage material is the best for you or else, you’re going to waste funds by getting an ABS luggage which you’d be replacing very often.

ABS can also be considered if you plan on sending a suitcase as a gift to children. This is because it’s less expensive and doesn’t weigh a ton.

Below are examples of abs vs polycarbonate luggage

Blue abs hard shell luggage with zipper

The main material of this Blue abs hard shell luggage box is the blend of polycarbonate and ABS. It comes with a zipper and a key lock closure type. A durable ABS plastic is used to make this product. It comes with a comfortable grip which is dressed with a light weight and durable aluminum shaft. The height levels can be adjusted up to two levels and it comes easy to install. It is designed highly with a standard TSA lock to use for overseas travels and business trips. When purchasing the TSA, the key isn’t added to it. After arrival from the factory, it’s default factory password is “United States of America. The airport Guam, Saipan and Hawaii. The opening can be done by the airport personnel or yourself only. It it functions greatly and is extremely durable.


  • Durable
  • Great functionality
  • Easy to move wheels
  • Easy to use
  • Zipper and key lock closure

ABS vs Polycarbonate luggage

New design abs pc trolley bag

This New design abs pc trolley bag is made with a blend of polycarbonate and abs material. It is a very durable and lightweight box. It comes along with a heat resistance feature, waterproof, scratch resistance and pressure resistance features.  The finishing texture allows it to have a long loading period and safety. It comes with spinner wheels that are silent, smooth and moves in a 360 degree directions.

It is also designed with a customized TSA lock which ensures security when your belongings are being checked and an ideal handle which is sturdy ergonomic aluminum. It has zero odors linen, a crossed strap to help keep your clothes in place and for your privacy, a zippered curtain.

It comes in three different sizes which can be kept inside one another.  It can take up a large amount of weight which includes its own weight which is 33.1 lbs. this luggage has a simple subtle design with no patterns


  • Customized TSA lock
  • Come in three sizes
  • Simple design
  • Maximum weight


  • Nil

Shunxin pink abs pc spinner luggage with zipper

This is an abs and polycarbonate mixed material used to make this luggage. It comes in three different sizes; sizes 20, 24 and 28 inch. Inside this luggage is a linen material that is 210D nylon. It is designed with double wheels which can be moved in a 360 degree directions without any effort. The trolley is made from iron. The zipper of this luggage box is a number eight explosion proof zipper. It has both the top and side handles. It is also designed with a customizable TSA lock and an alloy wrap.


  • Comes in three sizes
  • Customizable TSA lock
  • Non explosive zipper
  • Durable
  • Zero effort to drag.


  • Nil

The Red Abs Custom Brand Luggage Made for Factory

This Red Abs Custom Brand luggage box is a blend of polycarbonate and ABS material. It comes with a texture finish alongside being durable and lightweight.  It is also pressure resistant, waterproof, heat resistant and scratch resistant. The wheels are made t o move in a 360 direction which makes it easy to move about and with zero effort. This abs vs polycarbonate luggage comes with a customized TSA lock which enables security when items are being checked. The handle is made from sturdy ergonomic aluminum. Inside the luggage box is a linen cloth that isn’t woven. It also has straps to help out your clothes in place and another half with a zipper curtain to protect your clothes. It comes in different sizes and they can be placed into one another for storage. The designs are simple and less complicated.


  • Abs vs polycarbonate luggage blend
  • TSA lock for security
  • Waterproof, heat resistant
  • Durable and lightweight
  • 360 degrees directional wheels


  • Comes in one color

Traveler’s Choice – Silverwood Softside T-Cruiser Expandable Spinner Luggage

This Silverwood Soft side T-Cruiser Expandable Spinner luggage box is is mainly made from a polycarbonate plastic material. It is built with dual spinner wheels in the shape of cyclone sphere which helps for its traction and stability. These wheels consist of a 5-mm feature with resistance materials that enables strong and smooth maneuvering and a silent rolling of wheels. The wheels can move in all directions be it the same or opposite directions which give you full control over your luggage box on both smooth and rough roads.  It lessens the weight on your shoulders by letting it roll in an upright position. It comes with a very sleek and stylish design.


  • Polycarbonate material made
  • Affordable price
  • 360 direction wheels
  • Durable and lightweight
  • 5-mm shock resistance features


  • Nil


The abs vs polycarbonate luggage are great luggages made from both polycarbonate and ABS materials. They contain certain features that would leave you begging to have one in your house, especially that of the polycarbonate. Features such as heat resistance, impact resistance, water proof, pressure resistance and scratch resistance. In comparison of the abs vs polycarbonate luggage, the polycarbonate luggage gets higher votes. Although it is pricey, it is worth every penny and recommended for those who are always on the move.


The abs material is also a good one but it’s not as strong as the polycarbonate material. With this comparison of the abs vs polycarbonate luggage, the polycarbonate luggage is the ideal choice for you.


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