ABS Material vs Polycarbonate Luggage


Introduction ABS Material vs Polycarbonate Luggage

In the world of plastic, polycarbonate and ABS materials are the most commonly used plastics to make luggages. The polycarbonate material is very flexible and comes with a high impact resistance unlike that of the ABS. The polycarbonate therefore, makes a stronger luggage. The ABS luggage are less expensive than the polycarbonate luggage but in most cases heavier and don’t last long. When comparing abs material vs polycarbonate luggage, there are certain factors you should consider. Factors such as price, quality, weight and other important features. The abs material vs polycarbonate luggage material are both important materials used in making not just luggage but other forms of end use applications.

The abs material is a mix of three different plastic materials who also have their own stand out features. These plastics are acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene (ABS). These two materials, the abs vs polycarbonate luggage materials are both good products. In this article, you’re going to be learning about the various properties of the abs vs polycarbonate luggage material and their features such as security locks, resistance factors, independent wheel spinners and so on. A list of different luggage brands made from these materials will be given and their pros and cons would be stated. What are you waiting for? Dig in!

“Just because you have baggage doesn’t mean you have to lug it around”

Below are more details about the polycarbonate and ABS material:

Polycarbonate Materials

Polycarbonate is known as an amorphous polymer infused with features that make it good for hard side luggage. It comes with a great deal of transparency which make it easier to design in various colors and patterns. The hardness degree is high and it comes with a great impact resistant which makes it ideal for durable luggage. This plastic material is on the high side of temperature resistance and has great self- extinguishing properties. What a great luggage material right?

This polycarbonate material can be formed easily into various shapes of luggage which makes it flexible and able to go through rough times during travel.

Being very lightweight, it is popularly used to make luggage’s. It can be bent and dented and still go back to its original shape with no fuss. Breaking this material is nearly impossible for it is made with a high level of strength.

There are different brands who make use of this material such as: Samsonite Winfield, Samsonite Omni and Delsey Helium.

Here are luggages you can purchase that are made with polycarbonate material:

1. Traveler’s Choice Silverwood Polycarbonate Hard side Expandable Spinner Luggage, Brushed Metal Polycarbonate

The Traveler’s Choice Silverwood Polycarbonate Hard side Expandable Spinner luggage box that is made majorly from polycarbonate material plastic material. It is designed with a great wheel feature that is cyclone spherical in shape and give the wheel adequate stability and full traction. This wheel is built with a five-millimeter shock resistance feature to endure smooth rolling in any surface be it smooth or rough. All the wheels can move in it’s on towards the same and also opposite direction with little effort. In order to avoid burdened weight in your arms or shoulders, the dual wheels allow the box to make movements upright.  It comes with extra packing space of about two inches.

ABS Material vs Polycarbonate


  • Made from polycarbonate material
  • 5-mm shock resistance
  • Easily rotatable wheels
  • Long lasting and durable


  • Nil

2. ABS (acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene)

The ABS (acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene) is a mixture of three different plastics which all have their different features. The ABS (acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene) gives the resistance of fatigue, hardness, chemicals and melt strength, the Butadiene gives impact resistance and finally the styrene gives resistance to heat, the hardness, color and processes. When mixed together, their different features come together to make a strong feature that keep the the abs material strong. It gives good mechanical properties and gloss property.

ABS (acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene)

Due to the combination of these three features, ABS (acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene) is ideal and can be used for different applications like: tool housings such as electronic screwdrivers, automotive instruments panels and home appliances, piping and fittings, appliance housings, instruments. In comparison of the abs material vs polycarbonate luggage, the abs material is the most affordable material made use of; in short let’s say “cheapest”. Due to its lightweight it comes off as cheap to people. The abs material isn’t all that durable. When most manufacturers want to create luggage boxes with the abs material, the often have to mix it with other materials to make it stronger.

Luggage Set 3 Piece ABS Trolley Suitcase Spinner Hardshell Lightweight Suitcases TSA

This abs material made luggage is lightweight and can be taken anywhere you go. It is made with sturdy materials, high multiple direction spinner wheels, etc. The spinner wheels are able to take on any surface challenge from a smooth surface to a rough surface in a silent manner. The handles are ergonomic so it’s easy and comfortable to grab without your hands slipping. It has a TSA lock feature which allows just you and a TSA official to check your luggages for security purposes. The most ideal feature of this abs material luggage is its good quality and its durability. It is very easy to carry around.


  • TSA lock features
  • Durability
  • Long lasting
  • Comfortable aluminum handle grips
  • 360-wheel rotation


  • Nil

3. The Right Luggage Material: abs vs polycarbonate luggage

You’re probably wondering which material then is the ideal material for your luggage.  Easily, the polycarbonate material looks like the best choice for your luggage due to its durability. Though, there are certain factors that can change your mind. One of these factors is price.

ABS Material vs Polycarbonate Luggage


When comparing an abs material vs polycarbonate luggage, the largest difference is their prices. It is possible to purchase a full set of an abs material luggage for the price of an average sized polycarbonate luggage. A well-made polycarbonate luggage material cannot go below $100. They often say that price is the best way to know if a product is ideal or not. This rule doesn’t work in all cases. In this case, this rule is applied in just a little quantity. You can still get good abs material for as long as you don’t plan on using it for a long time then it would most probably disappoint you. Don’t get discouraged because of the low price, the abs material is good too.

It is possible to find a mixture of both abs material vs polycarbonate luggage material in several options. This blend makes the price average and a bit reliable.

If you’re one that travels a lot the best luggage material is the polycarbonate. If you go ahead and get the abs materials it’s more like a waste of funds for you might have to make replacements frequently. In other cases, if you’re getting a luggage for your kids as gifts, the abs material isn’t bad at all. It’s very lightweight and your kids would have proper control of the luggage. However, if you’re looking for something temporary or as a spare, the abs also isn’t a bad option to pick. It will still do the things you want it to do without you having to spend so much cash in it. The fact that it’s light weight gives a great advantage for those who like to pack light.


As explained above, the abs material vs polycarbonate luggage are two separate materials that both have their features and several factors that determine their quality. In most cases, the polycarbonate luggage material is often picked over the abs material. This is because of its quality features such as heat resistance, shock resistance, waterproof and pressure resistance. The price of a polycarbonate is a bit on the high side but it is definitely worth your money. The ABS material on the other hand is a quality lower than the polycarbonate. Right, it also has some factors that determines it. Let’s take price for example, the ABS material is less expensive. It is affordable, it is CHEAP! This doesn’t mean it’s of no good use. If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for the ideal luggage material to get then ABS material is your guy. It could also be purchased to be kept as a spare luggage, a temporary luggage, a luggage to use when you plan on travelling really light and as gifts for children because they will grow out of it on the long run.


See, the ABS is not so bad Afterall. It is also useful. In the long run when you want to pick between the abs material vs polycarbonate luggage material, the polycarbonate is the greatest choice. It is very ideal for those who travel a lot especially on business trips. They can be used as many times as possible and still look like it has never been touched. But, if you’re that person looking for something in between that doesn’t cost too much or too less, you can go for a blend of the abs material and polycarbonate material. Totally worth your price. Now that you know all about the abs material vs polycarbonate luggage material, which one are you going for? Make the choice that best suits you.


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