Product Reviews: A Godsend for Consumers


A Godsend for Consumers:

“If you want to be smart, be smart in the shower. Then get out, go to work, and serve the customer”

I was in a rush one morning, looking for a taxi service to get from Berkeley to the San Francisco International Airport. Though I was well aware that I had three taxi numbers previously registered on my cell phone, I was unwilling to accept being screwed over by Yellow Cab again.

A few days before, I called them up in another rush to get to a friend’s place 1.2 miles away. Comparing A Godsend for Consumers to previous experience with another service, the final fare of $16 was utterly obscene. Driven to avoid this blasphemy once again, my energy was spent in 20 minutes on the Internet reading reviews about taxi services in the Bay Area. This small effort on reading what other people had to say about what nicely saved me 10 to 15 percent, with courteous service to boot.


Review of A Godsend for Consumers:

The review of A Godsend for Consumers is a precious and powerful factor in making our decisions. It can determine the winner in the tug of war over money between the cautious buyer and a product. Positive reviews reaffirm our logic and help us accept our decisions and emotions. A single negative review, on the other hand, could force us to immediately shun Product X, especially in fields in which we are unfamiliar. How many times have you seen a movie with the knowledge that it would be terrible or a waste of your time?

Reviews are ubiquitous and demand our attention. We evaluate many products based on reviews in different forms and practices: celebrity endorsements, the thumbs of Ebert & Roeper, and the New York Times best-sellers lists. A particularly powerful form of review is the recommendation of friends and peers. I went to see Iron Man because my mom told me to, Rotten Tomatoes rated it highly, and even my barber asked me if I saw it. (I did enjoy it, too.)

I have to add that my own selection for clothing and fashion, areas I am apparently a beginner in according to many, is highly persuaded by what others have opined – whether they meant that my vivid green solid tie went tastefully with my black dress shirt or that I was just not as clad as miserably as I usually am is another matter. These pushes and pulls of reviews asking for something to be bought, a candidate to be voted for, a law to be rethought, or an idea to be accepted.

A Godsend for Consumer

The online consumer should be vigilant for A Godsend for Consumers. A quick search of “review” on Google yields 1.48 billion results. Reviews help make or break a choice, and the online consumer is only smarter and wiser by reading up on something before making his commitment. The review is highly relevant no matter the time – past, present, future. You can also be sure that when you share your opinions, you’re doing yourself and everyone else a favor.


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