Product Review: Intex Easy Set Pools


Intex Easy Set Pools is one of the biggest rips off is in the swimming pool industry. This Easy Set pool is manufactured by Intex. Have you ever tried putting these together? They are a nightmare, as well as the company will not offer any support for their products.

“Let your hook be always cast. In the pool where you least expect it, will be fish”

Want to know more good news; the Intex Easy Set Pools is stamped all over the sides, Do Not Return to Store! How bad is that! You are stuck with a pool that costs hundreds of dollars, in exchange for something that does not rise as their directions state, and fails to hold the water.

My Experience On Intex Easy Set Pools

I made the mistake of purchasing one of these Easy Set Pools and made sure the ground was perfectly level since I have heard the horror stories about them. I was hopeful that it would be a fun experience for my family to have a Soft Tub in our own yard, instead of having to schedule a time to go to the community pool. Who knew this would turn into such a huge nightmare.

I purchased the Intex Easy Set pools last year; it took 3 days to set up the Intex Easy Set Pools because it kept failing to rise properly. I finally managed to get the Intex Easy Set Pools put together and get it to rise, after propping up numerous toys under the edges to hold the sides up.

I was not aware of this step in the directions, which I followed exactly. I must have misread something on Intex Easy Set Pools description, or else my set up manual was missing a few pages, where they describe where the toys must be placed in order for it to rise properly.

Intex Easy Set Pools

Once the Intex Easy Set Pools was set up, I was highly hopeful that it would be the end of the drama for the Intex Easy Set Pools. Not so, unfortunately, the next problem that occurred was the cover ripped within 2 weeks!

Intex Easy Set Pools

Ok, I would have thought it was not that big of an issue, however, it is impossible to return these Intex Easy Set Pools and you are unable to purchase additional covers! The manufacturer does not allow you to return products to the store, so you are stuck without a cover to protect the Intex Easy Set Pools from all of the debris that falls into a pool typically. This sounds like the greatest Intex Easy Set pools experience ever, doesn’t it?

We disassemble the Easy Set Pool after having to inflate the upper ring every 2 days to keep it floating and pack the pool away. We are hopeful that this year will be different. We pray to the gods of the pool that it will be easier and not as many headaches as last year.

I have never heard of a pool that expensive being a single-use pool, however it must be something that was mentioned on my missing directions pages. In the process of trying to set up the Intex Easy Set Pools, it keeps buckling and leaning massively to one side. So that one side of the pool is lucky to get 2 feet deep, while the other side has 2 feet of an empty pool!

This was not the experience I spent over $300 dollars to experience. I have called the manufacturer to receive an attitude and be treated like I am the fool. This is horrible customer service, in my opinion, never have I ever seen a company who is so against standing behind their products.

I was hoping so badly that this year would be different. I am only plagued by more issues and hassles from something that was supposed to be fun and enjoyable for my family.

I personally recommend avoiding this type of pool, as well as this manufacturer as much as possible. They are horrible, and do not work properly, nor does the company stand behind their products.

This is a true sign of a bad product when the company will not stand behind something they make. Avoid these at all costs, spend the extra few dollars to get a better pool, and do not be fooled by the rumors and stories that it is just improper setup.


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