Product Review: Nordic Track Elite 7500 Treadmill

Nordic Track Elite 7500 Treadmill

Nordic Track Elite 7500 Treadmill

Not too long ago I decided to purchase a treadmill. I went with the Nordic Track Elite 7500. The reason I chose the Nordic Track Elite 7500 was that it cut out the need for me to have to fit a treadmill in my living room so that I could watch TV while I walk on it. It also has more features than you would ever need on a treadmill. The Nordic Track Elite 7500 can be purchased from and the sale price is $1,599.00. The regular price for this treadmill is $2,999.00.

Nordic Track Elite 7500 Treadmill

“The new electronic independence

re-creates the world in the image of a global village.”

When my treadmill arrived it was in a huge box. I mean huge! We had to assemble it ourselves. I guess that is normal, but it seemed like it was going to be quite a challenge. Once we got everything out of the box it actually wasn’t very difficult to assemble. The instructions were easy to understand and everything went into place easily, thank goodness.

This treadmill is larger than the treadmills at the gym I have recently gone to. I feel a lot safer running on this treadmill then I would on the gyms. The track is very long and wide providing a feeling of security. It’s very sound. It doesn’t make any noises under you or move around when you pick up the pace. The Nordic Track Elite 7500 is an extremely sturdy machine.

It is a space saver, which means you can fold it up to save space. This really doesn’t help very much. It’s still huge, plus who wants to move stuff out of the way every time you want to use the treadmill?

The great features that are included on this treadmill are the 7″ TV and Digital Tuner, Compatible Music Port for iPod, iFit Workout Card Technology, 0 to 12 MPH speed, 0 to 12% incline, and a fan. Everything works and there were no glitches or bugs to work out.

The Nordic Track Elite 7500 makes for a smooth walk, jog, and run. I love the fact that it is in my bedroom but I have all the technology I need to watch a show, listen to music, or have a personal trainer squawk at me when I need the extra motivation.

Nordic Track Elite 7500 Treadmill

I would suggest taking a look at the Nordic Track Elite 7500 if you have been thinking about getting a treadmill. I have had those department store treadmills in the past that can be purchased for less than $300.00 and I never used them. They were small, felt like I was going to break them, and uncomfortable. The difference in price is worth it when you realize that the biggest difference is you’ll actually use this one.


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