Best Mechanical Pencils In The World

Best Mechanical Pencils In The World

Introduction: Best Mechanical Pencils In The World

“I have owed you this letter for a very long time-but my fingers have avoided the pencil as though it were an old and poisoned tool.”

Whether in creative or professional drawing and writing, pencils play a very key role. Of course this is informed by the fact that during the initial drawing, writing and/or doodling process, back and forth erasures must be carried out to ensure the finished work meets all the designer’s initial objectives.To achieve this, the pencils must be sharpened and erasers used every so often as a way of fine tuning the final piece. Using the standard pencils would still work, but could end up being more exhausting and cumbersome especially when sharpening the leads. Because of this, mechanical pencils provide more user friendly drawing tools.

Different mechanical pencils come with different levels of convenience depending on the designers and the intended ultimate use. Ranging from varied sleeve movements, the tip size, lead sharpening and adjustment including eraser refills just as much as the kind of grip the barrel offers one can determine which pencil would be the best among the many in the market. And that is why we sample out a few of the world’s best mechanical pencils below for you as a way of our spoiling you with excellent pencil options.

The LAMY Multi System Twin Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical Pencil, Titanium, Black –L656

This is an exceptional mechanical pencil that comes paired with a sleek Ballpoint Pen just to cover all your writing needs! Talk of owning two outstanding products at the price of one!

Its cylindrical and curvy casing has been carefully designed to deliver a comfortable grip that guarantees a memorable experience once you interact with this pencil.

Special Features

  • Comes in a cylindrical body with a matte black finish completely attractive to the eye
  • Boasts of the high quality LAMY M21 black ink for the Ballpoint pen and a robust 0.5mm (LAMY M41) HB pencil lead
  • Comes equipped with a system identification ring and the popular LAMY Z15 built-in eraser just beneath the removable button!
  • Weighs 1.12 ounces with a HB lead that guarantees quality via its 0.5 millimeter line size
  • Measures a comfortable 6.1X0.4X0.4 inches
  • Retails at Amazon at USD 50.63 exclusive of shipping and handling costs
  • First produced on 21st May 2007


  • A durable and reliable mechanical pencil that has already secured its market popularity ever since it was first manufactured in 2007
  • This is a “self-contained” writing/drawing tool. That is why you get the value of two for the price of one. After all, this pencil comes equipped with a pen and the prime valued LAMY Z15 eraser at no extra cost.
  • You can order online and so you can get it comfort of your home or anywhere else
  • Ships to most countries around the world
  • Its spare parts like the cap are readily available should the need to replace them arise
  • It is light enough and thus hassle free due to its easy portability


  • Replacing the lead may require a little bit of good understanding of the barrel removal mechanism otherwise one could easily strain and thus damage the lower barrel during the twisting required to open it
  • The 0.5mm line size may be too small for some works and thus without the provision to use bigger line size leads could limit the pencil’s uses
  • The 0.5mm lead size may be too fragile enough to suffer breakages more often and thus inconveniencing the user
  • Because of its double benefits bearing a crisp Ballpoint pen and this retractable pencil lead, this mechanical pencil is not just one of the best in the market; it is also one of the most convenient pencils. With a little bit of time spent on mastering the refill process, this pencil will simply be loyal to you at all times. I would recommend it at any time of the day. Try it out and see for yourself.

AbilityOne- American Classic ™ Mechanical Pencil

This is not just another pencil from some next door manufacturer. It is an AbilityOne! An American classic skillfully designed with your ultimate satisfaction on mind. It is a Skillcraft that beats the competition anytime quality and satisfaction are desired. But that is not the only reason this pencil keeps on running out of stock all the time.

Yes it is popular and that informs its high turnover in the shelves but why? Here are some of its special features that will simply blow you away in ecstasy where real pencils matter;

Special Features

  • Unlike others, this pencil comes with a robust 0.9mm ball point lead with a push action to complete your writing needs!
  • It also comes with a sliding metal sleeve at the point to minimize lead movement and thus lower the chances of broken leads and yes you guessed it correctly! It certainly protects your pocket from being soiled by the colored lead
  • It openly flosses an interior compartment that neatly stores the lead refills for both convenience and reliability anytime of the day as you may otherwise desire
  • Its spring pocket clip and a replaceable eraser do not simply call out this pencil from the crowd just for its user friendliness! They also vouch for its uniqueness!
  • This pencil comes standard with four thick, hard and durable 0.9mm bold point leads as refills to guarantee quality service for you at all times. No disappointment whatsoever and no excuses either. This pencil gets the work done!
  • The 7mm eraser refills work best for this brand of mechanical pencils
  • Weighs 4 ounces and measures 6X2.3X0.7 inches and comes with a black barrel and a metallic tip
  • First produced on 7th August 2012


  • The harder, thicker and durable 0.9mm lead certainly expands the work demands on the pencil given its reliability
  • The pencil can be found online at and shipped anywhere around the world. Now that is redefining convenience!
  • It is affordable considering that it retails in a 12 pack at that same affordable price of USD 32.23 a pack
  • Its stout plastic casing is suave to the touch and comfortable to the grip
  • For those who do not prefer plastic just as much, this pencil offers a brass clutch with quite some curves as you would possibly prefer


  • Its eraser can easily come off since it doesn’t fit tight enough
  • The tip is slightly bigger than the lead by some tiny margin. For this reason, the lead wobbles just a little bit exposing itself to potential breakages had it been any weaker than the 0.9mm
  • You may find the sliding sleeve somewhat stiff to move.

Given the overwhelming benefits over its cons which could easily be fixed, this pencil would certainly give you the right value for your money and always enable you to handle your projects without any troubles. I would suggest you explore further for yourself and be sweetly surprised by this great innovation of a pencil. Go for it today and be sure to reminisce its goodness forever!

Pentel GraphGear 1000 Mechanical Pencil

The Pentel GraphGear mechanical pencil series comes in four different models i.e. the 1000, 800, 500 and Graphlet model. Out of these, the GraphGear 1000 is the top notch most versatile and user friendly model.

As a matter of fact, this is the pencil mostly preferred by Architects, Artists, Designers, Enthusiasts and many more other professionals. This is particularly due to its flexibility in terms of applications. But why would most people prefer just this Pentel GraphGear 1000 mechanical pencil out of the many other models? Here are the reasons why;

Special Features

  • Comes with a dual –action retractor advances and a tip retraction mechanism for easy use
  • Boasts of a skillfully chiseled metallic grip that is inlaid with latex-free pads to guarantee your comfort at all times
  • It can be refilled with the pentel super Hi-Polymer lead Z2-1 and the blotless soft eraser leaving behind no smudges on your paper after the erasure
  • Can be found online at a cost of USD 10.94
  • Comes with a 0.5mm to 0.9mm range of lead and a black barrel
  • This sleek brown pencil weighs just about 0.8 ounces and measures 0.6X6X0.6 inches
  • First produced on 17th April 2008


  • Because of its strong and tapered 4mm tip, it can used when drawing lines using a rule, template or any other straight edges without any damage
  • Since its design has a heat dissipating design, you can use this pencil for a long time with minimal sweating on your fingers. This would in turn guarantee a tidy work environment ultimately
  • Its wide range of lead sizes would allow you draw different sizes of lines depending on your preferences even for the same project at hand
  • Because it is readily available online, you can shop for it from the comfort of your home and have it delivered wherever you may be.
  • Because of the retractable tip, one can secure the lead by retracting it whenever the pencil is not in use. This also guarantees longevity for the lead


  • Because of the possible lead sizes that can be accommodated, at some point one may not too sure about which lead size is actually in the tip
  • While the pocket clip is good, it is possible that sometimes it can get caught in things and thus subject the pencil to possible breakages
  • So as to ensure the tip accommodates the different lead sizes, for the smaller sizes, the lead would slightly wobble in the tip. This exposes the lead to more possible breakages.

Rot ring Rapid PRO mechanical Pencil

If you are into sketching and drawing, you now have a permanent workmate in this rot ring Rapid Pro mechanical pencil. It is a smooth, long lasting and precise pencil just perfect for your work. And here is just a sneak preview of what you will own in this pencil;

Best mechanical pencils

Special Features

  • Comes in a full metallic body with a comfortable non-slip knurled metal grip for your perfect feel.
  • Its durability is further enhanced by the controlled 2.0mm lead transportation, sliding sleeve and the cushioned mechanism do not just outline this pencil’s sleekness, they certainly also guarantee excellent and high level break resistance.
  • Comes with a unique push mechanism that puts you in charge of the lead movement process as per your preference.
  • Its in-built sharpener just under the push button cap is the very definition of an all-inclusive pencil with an in house solution to the lead sharpening needs!
  • The metallic barrel simply underscores this pencil’s durability
  • The 2 year warranty is simply one of its own kind.
  • Weighs about 1.12 ounces and measures 7.5X2X0.8 inches and comes in a matte black color
  • Retails online at USD 24.98 and ships anywhere around the world
  • With a 5mm point size, this pencil delivers a 0.5mm line size to your complete satisfaction


 With this rot ring mechanical pencil, you won’t need a separate sharpener as it comes already installed with one. Now, this is convenience at work.

  • Because of its knurled-up slip free barrel, your pencil grip will always be steady even as you work on your most intricate projects. Gives you room for your perfected work output at all times
  • Its unique 2 year warranty is indeed a guarantee that in this pencil, you will find reliability and excellent product support all the time immediately you purchase your piece
  • With the eraser on the retractable button on top of the pencil, the cap needs to be pulled off to expose the eraser. This way, the rubber will only be exposed whenever needed and thus prevented from picking up dirt. This would guarantee a clean worksheet for you at all times.
  • Since the pencil retails online and ships anywhere, well, maybe not anywhere for I am sure they cannot ship it to the moon but still, you can shop for it from anywhere around the world even when vacationing on a beach somewhere!


 Since the eraser is somehow concealed, refilling it may need a little bit of a technical skill otherwise the process may be somewhat cumbersome for an average user

  • The lead refills may have to be purchased separately and thus a little extra cost may be incurred

If you are looking for excellent value for your money, considering the benefits this pencil offers against its somewhat mild cons, I would readily suggest you try this superb product out. I am sure, you will be proud you did so. Go for it!

Pentel Kerry Mechanical Pencil

And now you can finally relax, sit back and relish this pencil moment.  Yes, it is simply glamorous yet just as reliable a pencil as would be expected of a Pentel Kerry innovation.

Falling in love with this pencil will undoubtedly be good and the right move anytime. Yet, you won’t be alone and neither will you be the first; certainly not the last. Most people who get to use or actually own this pencil already have a lifetime partner in this revolutionized piece when it comes to their drawing and writing tasks. And here is why;

Special Features 

  • Comes with a 0.5mm lead and in different colors as you may otherwise prefer.
  • The cap is detachable while the pencil’s size of 0.6X4.9X0.5 inches is small enough to conveniently fit in nearly all hands
  • The barrel comes with attractively treaded surface for a firm grip to ensure you draw what you want however way you desire.
  • Weighs 0.64 ounces and ships worldwide
  • Available online for just USD 14.50 only.
  • Comes with a clip on the cap to ensure it can easily fit on your shirt when not in use.


  • Most people with relatively smaller hands find this pencil heaven sent for its perfect fit and grip
  • Since it comes in different colors, you could choose your preferred color of a pencil yet still enjoy the perfection of this Pentel Kerry creativity.
  • And because of its small size, storage is never a hassle for a number of them can actually fit in your favorite pouch anytime.
  • Since it is available online and ships to just about everywhere, you can always shop for it at your own convenient time and place and still be certain to receive your shipment exactly as ordered


  • The pencil may have an overall limited lifespan in view of the considerable amount of plastic having been used alongside the metallic parts unless of course extreme care is taken to avoid both cosmetic damages and functional challenges overtime.
  • Its eraser is somewhat too conservative to be of much help when erasing substantial amounts of work. In any case refilling the eraser could pose a bit of a challenge especially for those users not comfortable with attending to tiny components and materials being attached in a challengingly tiny space available

Best mechanical pencils in the world


I am sure, like most other buyers finally ended up doing, you will probably order for more of it in different color sets! Do not limit yourself, get this pencil today and take a roller coaster to excellence with your drawings and writings. You will be glad you did. Have fun all the way with your work!


These pencils are still best pieces in the market especially when considered along its benefits over setbacks. How about you join the world wide Pentel Kerry family by owning such pieces? 


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