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Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle: Electric Home Fragrances

“I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn’t have one. So I got a cake.”

People are always looking for easy ways to make their homes smell better, and in the past few years “plug-in” electric home fragrance units have become very popular. Glade Plug-Ins were among the first of this type of product on the market and remain in high demand, however more and more companies are beginning to make their own electric fragrances. Several years ago, Yankee Candle Company began to sell their own line of plug-ins–many of which I’ve had a chance to use. In this review, I’ll tell you the good & bad points of Yankee Candle Electric home fragrances and let you know if these premium plug-ins are worth the extra investment.

Yankee Candle Electric Home Fragrances (EHFs) work pretty much like most other scented oil plug-in units in that the base unit (the part you plug into the outlet) warms up a small bottle of scented oil, which disperses fragrance throughout the room.

The Yankee Candle base units have a small decorative “lampshade” attached which fits nicely into any d√©cor, and you can buy base units that hold either one or two bottles of scented oil. These refills are available in a wide variety of scents and can usually be found anywhere Yankee Candles are sold.

After taking the EHF base unit out of the packaging, just unscrew the lid from the scented oil bottle, snap the bottle into place, and plug the unit into any standard household outlet (the prongs on the unit rotate to accommodate either horizontal or vertical outlets).

In less than 30 minutes, your room will begin to fill with the most wonderful, true-to-life fragrance. These plug-ins really are the next best thing to burning a Yankee candle! If the fragrance is too weak or too strong, a simple ”slider” switch on the top allows you to quickly adjust the intensity of the scent, which is a nice added feature.

yankee candle

The package states that each scented oil refill will last for 6-8 weeks, however, I find that the refills typically don’t last any longer than 4 weeks. This could be because I have the ”fragrance adjuster” turned all the way up, but I feel this is necessary to obtain an acceptable level of scent, particularly as each refill gets older. If you are using the Yankee Candle Electric Home Fragrance unit in a smaller room (like a den or bathroom), you may be able to get away with changing the refills less often.

Overall, I have been very pleased with Yankee Candle’s line of plug-in fragrance units.. The scents always smell “real” and ”fresh,” and are refills are available in the most popular Yankee Candle fragrances. The units seem to do a good job of filling up even large spaces with a pleasant fragrance, and it is nice to be able to have something which gives off a gentle scent at all times. If you are a fan of Yankee Candles, there is no doubt in my mind that you’ll love Yankee Candle Electric Home Fragrances.Yankee Candle

When it comes to price, Yankee Candle plug-ins are much more expensive than those you’ll find at the grocery store. A Glade Scented Oil Base unit with one bottle costs about $5, and the refill scented oil bottles are about $3 each. A Yankee Candle Electric Home fragrance unit, on the other hand, will cost $12.99 at a Yankee Candle Company retail store.

The refills from Yankee are also $12.99 for a pack of two, which makes the Yankee scented oil bottles $ 6.50 each. Although the Yankee Candle plug-ins work better and are available in more fragrances than the Glade brand, they will end up being very expensive in the long run.

In conclusion, if you don t mind spending the extra money or if you love a specific Yankee fragrance, go ahead and “splurge” on the Yankee Candle Electric Home Fragrance. But if you’re on a tight budget, you can save a lot of money and get practically the same amount of fragrance by going with a Glade Scented Oil Plug-In.


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