Product Review of Xela Mandarin Ginger Aroma sticks

Xela Mandarin Ginger Aromasticks

Xela Mandarin Ginger Aroma sticks

“I go out to the kitchen to feed the dog, but that’s about as much cooking as I do.”

Xela Aroma sticks come in many scents. I was allowed to review this one before it hit the general marketplace and got a full, eight-fluid-ounce bottle and the sticks that come with it. Here’s my experience with this unique Mandarin Ginger smell.

Xela Mandarin Ginger Aroma sticks: Packaging and Attractiveness.

Xela is the Greek word for “wooden sticks”, an appropriate name for a package containing a bottle of fragrance and bamboo sticks. The exterior of the package containing the fragrance is very attractive, with green and white stripes, in muted tones, and a wrap-around title label containing oriental fans in complementary shades of green, orange and varied stripes. A very nice look, upscale and eco-friendly.

Xela Mandarin Ginger Aroma sticks: Purpose

According to the package description, these sticks are a modern and fresh way to scent a room. This particular smell is meant to be “mesmerizing” as well as a heady mix of Ginger, Mandarin Orange and Vanilla.

Xela Mandarin Ginger Aroma sticks: Ease of Use

It couldn’t be simpler to start using this. Simply remove the bottle cap, attach the wooden cap provided (like a wood ball with a hole in the middle) and then insert the sticks through the caps opening. This special cap is designed to catch any residue that might drip down the sticks. This is a nice touch. As the sticks absorb the essential oils, the smell fills the room.

Xela Mandarin Ginger Aroma sticks

Xela Mandarin Ginger Aroma sticks: Enjoyment factor

All the men in our family – and any others that dropped by -seemed to love this. Me? I honestly felt like it had a certain “public restroom deodorizer” smell about it, with the strong orange smell reminding me of some household cleaning products, Still, the appeal to males couldn’t be denied. All males and females agreed that the orange or citrus smell was far more distinctive than any ginger or vanilla tones. All we could smell was the orange.

Xela Mandarin Ginger Aroma sticks: Durability and staying power

The scent has lasted a long time. We do rotate the sticks and that makes a difference. The wooden ball does catch residue, as intended. For anyone wanting a fragrance that fills a room and scents the air, this would be a safe alternative to candles or anything requiring heat or batteries, such as flameless scented candles. The bottle contains a light off-white liquid which would fit with the decor of any room. It is quite attractive, especially when placed next to a plant or other decorative accessory. It would go well in both traditional or contemporary decors.

Xela Mandarin Ginger Aroma sticks: Price and Value

At 34.00 suggested list price, this is not inexpensive. The “value” of this depends on whether you can find less expensive alternatives that have the same aroma and last as long. There are definitely less expensive options out there but I don’t know if they last longer than this product. We have found this to endure for weeks and weeks. Priced on a “per week” basis, this could end up being cost-effective compared to other room deodorizers and air fresheners.

Xela Mandarin Ginger Aromasticks

Xelas Mandarin Ginger Aroma sticks: Special cautions and instructions

The oil in these is flammable so you would not want to use these near a stove, heater or anything that could cause the sticks to catch on fire easily. They are never to be burned and the oil can damage some finishes so I’d either use this on a ceramic or other counter – or put this on a plate if putting this on a wooden buffet or table. It is suggested that this be kept away from small children (who might try to drink it due to the orange smell).


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