Product Review: VIZO PC Cooling Products

Product Review: VIZO PC Cooling Products

Basics of VIZO PC Cooling Products:

VIZO PC Cooling Products manufactures several computer cooling devices for the PC as well as external hard drive enclosures and notebook cooling pads. In the past I have reviewed the Master Panel II and have been quite happy with this input expansion bay that I still use in one of my computers. No better praise can be had for a product than my keeping it and continuing to use it every day in my computer.

“A product is supposed to be what you are intentionally producing with your life at least every month”

Features of VIZO PC Cooling Products:

VIZO PC Cooling Products recently sent me an array of cooling products for the PC and I spent time installing and checking them out. The two hard drive coolers are both great products if you find yourself having problems with an overheating drive and want a simple and easy to install solution.

The single fan cooler installs on the bottom of the hard drive over the area not covered by the circuit board of a hard drive and cools the metal casing of the drive. The VIZO PC Cooling Products fan works well and nearly silently as do all the fans I installed. The fans all were quieter than 45 to 50 dBc on a sound level meter that test in the dBc scale for sound levels

.VIZO PC Cooling Products

This low sound level is with a 38 to 45 background level with the fans turned off and then with the meter only about an inch from the fans where they all measured very low. Inside the case, I cannot get any kind of noise level reading from any of them as they are all quieter than the other components in my computer.

The Orbiter Single Fan HDD Cooler is a great way to quickly cool a hard drive without doing a lot of rearranging inside your computer to get a cooling solution for your hard drive. I have two hard drives that run a bit on the hotter side as they are cheaper drives and the single fan Orbiter cooler brought the drives temperature down by a couple of degrees.

The next cooler like VIZO PC Cooling Products, I tried on the same drive was the Voyager Dual Fan HDD Cooler that installs over almost the entire bottom of the hard drive and brings a bit more cooling to the drive.

The Voyager cools down the drive by about 3 to 4 degrees and installs just as easily as the Orbiter. Both fans make for a quick and easy cooling solution and in some instances, you may want the smaller size of the Orbiter or better cooling of the Voyager for your particular cooling needs.

The next up for my cooling products is the Propeller Dual Card Fan that I just found a great use for in my system. I received two HD3450 graphics cards for reviewing and these cards are both fanless with a large heat sink. They do add to the heat inside the computer I installed so having some kind of cooling air movement blowing across the cards makes a lot of sense.

In the computer I installed the dual fan card I have a Gigabyte motherboard with a passive cooling heat sink on both the North Bridge and southbridge. This extra-large heat sink needs some kind of additional airflow inside the computer to keep it cool and not add heat to the entire system.

The PC Cooling Products dual card fan moves air across the heat sink as well as adding air movement inside the computer and onto the graphics card directly above it.

Installing the PC Cooling Products into any computer will be easy as the card has a small plastic tab that fits into any PCI, PCI Express or AGP slot. The plastic tab is the size of a PCI Express 1 slot so it fits into most any current slot in a computer.

The propeller fan card has a Molex connector with a through connection so you can add a male on one side and a female on the other and not take up one power cable inside your system.

The Propeller card has an adjustment on it to adjust the fan speed so you can lower or raise the speed according to the needs of your particular situation and system. That is one of the nice main features you want to look for in just about any fan cooling solution you add, how well it adapts to your particular situation.

I have reviewed and seen many different fan coolers and the ones I have used the most and kept in my systems are the ones that work well for the current part I am trying to cool.

Whether they have Molex or smaller fan power connections or the various mounting systems really make less of a difference than the overall cooling benefits of cooling the parts of the computer you need to cool.

The Propeller dual fan card adds a nice directional cooling movement of air where you need it against cards in your system or along with the motherboard.

For an additional cooling in one area of your computer that may have been neglected, you can add some cooling to your RAM sticks or memory.

Adding a fan system to your memory sticks means somehow mounting it and the easiest way is to clip it right on a memory stick.

The Armada Tri-Fan Cooler adds three small fans in a line right on top of your memory stick to add airflow to the area around your memory sticks.

The Armada installs easily and it will be up to you whether you install it onto the memory stick and then install the stick into your system or install it on a memory stick while it is on the motherboard.

In my particular system, I found it easier to install it to the RAM and then install the RAM and the fan onto the motherboard as one unit.

Plugging the Armada in using the smaller fan connector onto the motherboard is pretty easy with today’s modern motherboards that usually have plenty of these connections on the motherboard.

The Armada adds a nice cooling airflow to the area of the RAM that often does not get enough airflow like on my main gaming computer.

I have a rather large heat sink on the CPU right next to my memory slots and adding the RAM cooler adds some kind of airflow to the area that I found was missing. The heat sinks on the memory sticks I had worked well but if you do not have heat sinks the Armada cooler is a less expensive way to get some air flow to the area of your RAM.

The Armada adds a nice cooling airflow to your memory sticks directly instead of trying to cool them from several inches away that can make a big difference in cooling your memory.

The memory stick I added saw a cooling of about six to seven degrees measured with the Scythe Kama Thermo Wireless temperature sensor to measure the temperature directly from one of the chips on the memory stick.

I checked the same chip several times with and without the fans running and saw a good decrease in temperature with the fans running.

The VIZO PC Cooling Products fans I reviewed all did a good job of cooling the various parts of the computer and added to the cooling airflow that helps the entire system stay cool.

The three fans connect using a Molex connector that is the kind that you can plug a male and female on both sides so you don’t take up one power connector from your supply. The Armada uses a smaller fan connector that connects to your motherboard or a small adapter you can connect to a Molex if you have one.

All the fans worked well and were pretty quiet 


but the main performance bonus you can get from these is using them to the best advantage in your particular system.

I found in several different situations that arranging things correctly made all the difference in cooling your computer.

Adding the right fan in the right place makes a big difference to keeping the parts of your computer cool. The fans from VIZO PC Cooling Products are nice due to their quiet nature as well as how they don’t take up a full power connection from your power supply.

I highly recommend these fan cooling sys

tems from VIZO PC Cooling Products for your various cooling needs.


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